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Outside, Team BB11 and Miss Team USA are discussing the possibility of getting to Puerto Varas faster by connecting through another city. That it's Jeff who came up with this idea is a sign that we're dealing with a real think tank here. Meanwhile, at another ticket window, Jet and Cord get the assistance of an English-speaking passerby to tell them that their best bet is to make a connection in Temuco, which according to Google maps is about two-thirds of the way to Puerto Varas from where they are now. Jeff is learning the same thing at a different window, from an actual ticket agent. And the even better news is that they can leave now, at 9:00 AM, giving them a huge lead over the other teams who won't be leaving until tonight. Brent interviews that they connect best with the Big Brother team. "They seem like smart people. They seem more like us," Brent says. Both of those statements can't be true. "As smart as us" might be more accurate. Both teams encounter the Cowboys waiting outside for the 9:15 bus. "Going to Temecula?" Jeff asks. All three teams board, and if they were going to Temecula, California, it would be an even longer bus ride than they now face.

EIGHT HOURS LATER, the 5:30 PM bus to Puerto Varas pulls into the Santiago station. Brandy says that they and Joe|Heidi are ahead of everyone else. "Pretty cool." If not accurate. Because a scant 45 minutes later, 430 miles ahead of them, a bus from Santiago pulls into Temuco, and off step the Cowboys, Team BB11, and Miss Teen USA. And apparently it never occurred to any of those "lead" teams back in the capital to wonder where three of the other teams wandered off to for the entire day. For some reason, the Cowboys' bus doesn't leave Temuco until 7:00, while the others' leaves at 6:30. The Cowboys try to arrange tickets for themselves on the earlier bus, only to realize that bus is leaving from another terminal, in Central Temuco. That's a ten-minute taxi ride, according to the ticket agent, and a shot of the terminal clock tells us it's already 6:20. Well, the clock reading "18:20" and the subtitle translating it as "6:20" do, so I guess it's a team effort. "I wonder if they know their bus is leaving from a different terminal," Jet ventures to Cord. Given how slowly the other teams are wandering through this one, I'd say no. The Cowboys decide to keep it to themselves, and as they wait outside for their bus, they check their watches, which read 6:29 while the other teams continue to try to figure out where their bus is. "Keeping all this under my hat," Cord says, which is one of the few times I've ever heard that expression used literally. "Oh, my gravy," he adds as the other teams reenter the terminal to investigate. They don't realize they're at the wrong terminal until they reach the window. The Triumphant Cowboy music cues up as the Think Tank Four rush outside to try to make it to the other terminal in time. Cord thinks they'll be thought to have outmaneuvered the others, "And I'm not gonna tell 'em different." By now, the other teams are in cabs, and Jordan's watch already reads 6:33 (I'm assuming it's a digital watch). Into the other terminal and through to the platform, where a couple of employees tell them they already missed their bus. So now it's back to the previous terminal to try to catch the 7:00 bus with the Cowboys, which is probably what they should have done to begin with. But before they make it back, that 7:00 bus pulls in, the Cowboys "saddle up," and there they go. In fact, from the window of the bus, they can see the Think Tank returning as the bus passes the taxi drop-off. Say it together: "Oh, my gravy." By the time the Think Tank returns to the platform, they are 0 for 2 on transfers in Temuco.

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