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Dan and Jordan interview about the Cowboys, Jet and Cord, and saying they're independent. "I'd be surprised if they were around for much longer," Dan says. Wait, what? As for the Cowboys themselves, they figure they're being underestimated because of the cowboy hats they insist on wearing everywhere.. Cord says if he doesn't "feel comfortable wearing a hat somewhere, I don't know if I want to go." So I guess low-ceilinged mining tunnels are out.

The music gets all dark and portentous as Carol and Brandy spot Brent and Caite. Brent recalls their comment about Caite's tiara, which we see in flashback. Or, more accurately, we see the flashback from last week of Brent telling the story. It's just as tension-filled and fraught as it sounds, which is to say, not. Brent interviews, as though it's remotely relevant to anything, "That makes us think that they don't like us." Caite, by the way, is tackling these tiara accusations head-on by wearing a sparkly headband today.

Carol and Brandy sit down to discuss who to ally with. Alliances on this show can be annoying enough when they happen organically in the course of the race, but even more so when they're a product of conscious strategy. They decide to go with Joe and Heidi, based on their strength and Heidi's Spanish skills. Obviously they don't realize how little screen time Joe and Heidi are getting.

The 5:25 bus to Santiago carries all of the teams into the sunrise. Once they reach the terminal in the capital city, there's a confused rush inside to the Pullman ticket counter. Joe and Heidi get there first and call the lagging lesbians up to the front of the line, where they're holding a spot for them. Directly behind Joe and Heidi, the Detectives, Louie and Michael, object, unimpressed by Joe's claim that Carol and Brandy paid them for the service. The dispute can be heard by the other teams behind them in line. But Carol and Brandy ultimately get their way, and along with Heidi and Joe secure seats on a 5:30 PM bus that will arrive in Puerto Varas at 7:00 AM. Which is like 24 hours from now. Woo hoo? But then Brandy turns around and announces to the teams behind her that that earliest bus is full, and another one will leave an hour later. That should make her pretty popular. When Dan and Jordan make it up to the counter, they get on the 7:45 PM bus, as do Monique|Shawne, Michael|Louie, and Steve|Allie. While Joe and Heidi are feeling smug about that, Jet and Cord decide to go look for an earlier bus. "It's us against the world," Jeff tells Jordan, which, considering how much time they spent in that exact situation in the Big Brother house, should probably be taken as a good omen. They bail on this line along with Miss Team USA. "I'm not gonna sit around for twelve hours not doing anything," Jeff says, as if he never entered the Big Brother house and spent twelve weeks not doing anything. Jody and Shannon get themselves a set of seats on the last bus, which will be leaving at 8:30 that night and arriving the next morning at 9:00. "Keeping optimistic," Shannon says, and Jody agrees that they can't lose hope. Well, they can if they keep running this race like they're on a tour group with their church.

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