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Shannon continues to wait for Jody to finish. She gets their clue from the kitchen, and they're on their way to the Pit Stop, once again in last place. "We're assuming right now we're in next to last," Louie says as he and Michael drive back to Puerto Varas. Shannon remains optimistic as she drives her grandma back into town. The Detectives find the church, and I really don't think the ending is as close as they Amazing Editors made it look, what with Michael and Louie having the advantage of already having driven in this town. Still, we see both teams getting out of their cars at about the same time. And when Phil points at the approaching penultimate team, it turns out to be Louie and Michael. They're in ninth place for the second time in a row. Well, they did say before the race that they'd have the same rank in every leg, but I don't specifically recall that rank being ninth.

Jody and Shannon arrive on the mat at last, in last. Unsurprisingly, they are Philiminated. Looks like Phil was right about them having just one more leg in them after all. Shannon says she's proud of her grandmother, carrying that big flour bag and the chicken eggs and getting kicked in the head and all. Jody interviews that she's proven to herself that she can do physical things, and she's going to keep doing them. "What's the next great adventure?" Shannon asks as they leave the mat. "I'll go anywhere with you." Jody says. Aww. But not with those other grandchildren.

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