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By the time the ads are over, Louie and Michael are back in their car, "Currently in last place," according to the subtitles. Monique and Shawne are the next team to find the Pit Stop, and after Phil tells them they're team number five, Shawne says, "This is harder than anything I ever imagined." The getting on camera part clearly is, at least.

Jordan and Jeff spot the church, and use that to home in on the Pit Stop. Phil tells them they're team number six.

Louie and Michael return to Bellavista and see Shannon already waiting outside. Michael runs off to take this one as Jody collects her thirteen eggs. Michael finds a plate of butter and brings it to the kitchen, then slips on the floor and drops the plate, breaking it. "Well, that's definitely not it," he says. Jody is in the cow barn, milking away, while Michael continues his search for the pantry with increasing frustration. Then, suddenly, Grandma gets a cow hoof to the head. It's a flailing, clumsy kick without any wind-up behind it, but it's enough to daze anybody. "I was almost up to the line in the cup when the cow kicked me in the head and thought, I think I'll be okay, I can do this," Jody interviews matter-of-factly. She starts over, on a different cow. That other one was probably empty anyway.

Michael is rather rude to the chickens on his way to collecting their eggs. "I'm not in the mood. Scram," he tells them. Now back to the search for the pantry. Meanwhile, Steve and Allie are team number seven.

Michael joins Jody in the cow barn, and gets milking. "I got to know that cow pretty intimately," Michael interviews. He finishes milking well before Jody, who takes her cup over to the counter before it's quite full up to the line. Maybe after getting brained she was seeing three or four lines and couldn't determine which one she was shooting for. Dan and Jordan arrive at the mat in eighth place, looking astounded to still be in the race. And in Dan's case, not necessarily in a good way. I think they may have been right about one team of brothers not lasting much longer, but not about which one.

"It's not the pantries I see in my neighborhood," Michael says as he raids the barn for kuchen supplies. He gets the sugar and the butter, then shoulders a bag of flour and carries them to the kitchen for his clue and his plate of kuchen. "Look what I made you!" he calls to Louie as he runs back. Louie helps himself as Michael reads the clue: "Warning the last team to check in may be eliminated." And whichever team that is will deserve it.

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