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Joe and Heidi find the Pit Stop, and run over to Phil with Carol and Brandy close behind. "Hola, Felipe!" Heidi greets him. Carol and Brandy join them on the mat, and they're teams number two and three. Group hug!

Monique finishes the Road Block, and so does Steve, in sixth and seventh. Louie and Michael, meanwhile, have driven almost the whole way back to the town of Puerto Varas in their search for the Road Block site. "I think there's a couple teams that are still behind us," Louie says. Well, geographically, yes. But one of those teams, Dan and Jordan, has found the Road Block clue while the Detectives have not. Jordan is doing this one.

Brent and Caite reach the mat in fourth place, and Brent goes for a high-five from his partner but is left hanging. She even looks up at his hand and then looks away, so its not like she missed it. Caite interviews that "all the teams see that I am an intelligent person and you need to stop making fun of me." Fair enough. I am done making fun of Caite for the entire rest of this recap.

Jordan and Jeff are trying to find their way through Puerto Varas, with Jeff doing the map-wrangling in the back. He asks if they're on San Juan, and she "confirms" that they're on San Jose, and even spells it for him: "H-O-S-E." That right there is why Jordan keeps getting on TV.

He-Jordan finishes milking. "You're a little bit foamy at the end there, Bess," he says, which makes it sound like he's talking about something people aren't usually allowed to talk about during the family hour on CBS. Then he gets up with his cup, and Bess craps, behind the now-familiar wall of blur. "If you had done that while I was milking you, we would not be friends," he says. But was that also foamy at the end?

Michael and Louie are now in Puerto Varas, and are looking for Bellavista. Good luck with that. Behind them, Jody and Shannon have already found it, which marks the beginning of the only time this leg when they're not in dead last. Jody wants to "make the cake." Meanwhile, He-Jordan is finishing the Road Block. Michael and Louie find an information sign and decide to get out there for directions. At the same time, Jeff is telling Jordan that he's guessing Punta de la Virgen [sic] is "a statue or something." Jeff also gets out to ask someone, and the first people he sees are Michael and Louie. Who are of course no help in the search for the Pit Stop, because they haven't even been to the Road Block yet. Jeff points them back the way they came. "Nineteen miles," Jordan adds, which coming from her could honestly could mean any distance, ranging from "fifty miles" to "puppies." "We went right the fuck by it!" Louie says disgustedly. I really hope this isn't what happens when someone in their city calls 911.

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