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Back at Mirador, Dana and Jordan are opening their Detour clue in ninth place and opting for the llamas. "I know I'm going to be allergic to llamas," Dan says. As they return to their boat, they see Jody and Shannon's approaching. On board which Jody is telling Shannon, "Just focus on being positive and taking in all the sights and just enjoying the dickens out of it." How about focusing on GOING FASTER? They do this all the way up to the clue box, where they go for the llamas.

Jeff has finished the Road Block, so he and Jordan are heading for the Pit Stop, still in fifth place. Now Steve|Allie and Monique|Shawne are at the farm, in sixth and seventh respectively. Louie and Michael are on their way to the Road Block, but then drive right past it. "I say we keep going," Louie says as they pass the sign without bothering to even slow down and read it. "So keep our eyes peeled for the signage, "Michael says obliviously from the driver's seat. Then we get a nice close shot of the sign they just passed, which clearly reads, "Bienvenido Onces Cabanas Bellavista." Maybe it was the word "cabanas" that threw them.

Monique and Steve are now in the cow barn together. "Hope I don't grab the wrong thing," Steve says. As long as there are no bulls in there, it should be all right. Monique says she's always wanted to do this so she could say she did. And then it kicks her right in the mush, somehow sending her sprawling without drawing any blood. "But I didn't realize, it can be dangerous!" I think she realizes that now. Someone off-camera asks Monique if she's all right. She says she is, and gets back to it. Way to get right back on that horse. Or rather, under that cow.

"I think I got a splinter in my butt," Jordan says as their boat drops them off near the llama corral. When they get there, he takes off his jacket, playing to the crowd in a jokey striptease. The crowd cheers. "If only they knew," Dan says. Then Jody and Shannon show up, so they decide to quit screwing around already and get done quickly. They're off, their ninth-place position secure for now. Jody and Shannon start the task out, taking their time while Jody sings "La Cucaracha" to the llamas, and Shannon actually suggests they go slower. Which is something I would not have thought possible. Then Shannon lassoes a little one with their scarf, and they finish soon thereafter. "And I'm not even a cowboy," Shannon interviews.

But guess who is? Jet and Cord, who have reached the Pit Stop, a park in the shadow of a big, Germanic-looking church. "We're going to the finish line," one of them says. At the mat, a local guy holding a baby llama welcomes them to Puerto Varas. Phil tells them, "You might need another buckle for your belt, because you are team number one." I'm glad Phil didn't have to sit on that line for too long. The brothers high-five, and Phil tells them they've each won a sailboard. Which is a great prize for people who have great balance and the ability to hold tightly onto things that tend to move unpredictably, but I wouldn't advise using one with a cowboy hat. "We kinda went Lone Ranger a little bit," Cord says afterwards. Jet says they just happened to get on the right bus. "Don't let the cowboy hat fool you," Cord says. Okay, but can I let the hat-condoms fool me?

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