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Jet and Cord reach the Bellavista, and chirp their car lock as they head over to the clue box. There's a small polka combo of clarinet and tuba out playing in the pasture for some reason, as though this were Germany rather than Chile. "Look at all them clues, "the Cowboys say as they open the clue box. From inside a busy kitchen, Phil tells us something that explains the polka band: "This part of Chile has been home to a flourishing community of German immigrants who still practice the art of baking a traditional pastry known as kuchen." I'm trying to not let my mind go where it wants to go when I think of German immigrants in South America. What this has to do with the Road Block is that the teams have to race around the working farm that's part of this hotel, collecting the fresh kuchen ingredients: flour, butter, a baker's dozen of eggs, a bowl of sugar, and milk that they'll have to get right out of the cow. Then the baker will give them their next clue. Reading the initial clue that only says, "It's time to make the Kuchen," Cord decides to take this on, and they both hope it's food. Yeah, now that they mention it, I suspect their last meal was a while ago. Cord decides to start with the cow milking, and quickly fills a cup. "Not the first cow I've ever milked," he says. Meanwhile, waiting for him to finish, Jet says they know they don't have much of a lead, so "I hope we don't spill the milk." Good thing Cord collected that first, then. Cord then finds the chicken coop and, since it has stopped raining, takes the time to de-condom his hat before going inside and collecting a baker's dozen. Then it's off to the pantry for a plate of butter, a bowl of sugar, and a bag of flour. The "pantry" turns out to be a small shed open on one side, and once Cord has found everything in it he needs, he tries to figure out how to carry it all at once. Then he has to find the kitchen, which, since the first thing you see exiting the pantry is a building with a big sign reading "kitchen," turns out not to b that hard. He delivers it all to the bakers, who give him a thumbs-up and a clue. Time to go to the Pit Stop, Gruta de la Virgen, a park back in Puerto Varas. And the last team to check in, as always, may be eliminated. The bakers also present Cord with a little plate of kuchen, and Cord nabs a bite, telling us not to tell Jet. But then when they get back in the car, Jet asks what kuchen is. "Oh, my gravy, I can't tell you," Cord says. "It looked good," he says, then looks down. "I think it's pie, I'm not sure." Dude, this guy is so lucky he's not on a show that calls for a lot of lying. Jet, not fooled, asks if Cord ate some. Jet just wipes his lips.

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