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The Guidos are evil

"So three teams got tickets," Bill and Joe clarify. "Lenny and Karyn didn't." (TGOOOT, Part 10.) "Thank God, they're still -- they failed," Bill snots. And you know what? It is at this point that I realize that for all the fury that the other teams rightly felt at the Guidos during this episode, I increasingly find them sort of sad. They seem to be such small people, you know? Just petty and jealous and self-important…it's sad, is what it is.

Lenny and Karyn discuss whether she should go stand in line some more. He tries to discourage her, telling her she'll get nowhere, but she's determined to go. "I just can't stand still," she says. Karyn voices over that she befriended some folks at Tunis Air, who told her that she might have better luck if she came back a bit later.

Fratilyesque, preparing for departure.

Karyn and Lenny, weighing their options and choosing to stay in the airport and pray for a shot at a direct flight. They sort of low-five on it, and it's by far the nicest they've ever been to each other that we've seen. "I'm with you," he says supportively. You know, I think they do better when she does everything, because that way, she can't be pissed off at him for messing anything up. "Either we'll be way out ahead," he reasons, "or we'll be shot in the foot." And they laugh. Together. Shocking, really.

The Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy finagles tickets to London. Bill and Joe take note of every move Danza is making. (You guessed it -- it's TGOOOT, Part 12). Now, we get my favorite Guido footage of the day, other than their original Fratilyesque foiling. Bill says, "Let's just calm down," trying desperately to pretend he doesn't care that much about how their evil plans are going astray. "Well, let's stop talking about it, then," Joe says with a snippy smile. "Okay," Bill agrees. "You want to 'calm down,' let's stop discussing it," Joe says through the world's tightest lips. "Because the more we discuss it, the more we kinda get my stomach churned up." Man, he looks like his teeth are being held together with Krazy Glue. That's gotta hurt.

Fratilyesque, sweating their departure time, checking their watches. (Bill and Joe, watching them, saying, "They're gonna make a lot of noise going through customs -- we'll see what happens." TGOOOT, Part 13.) Chaos as Fratilyesque tries to get on their flight. They're obviously cutting it close, so they're relying on Drew's Necklace Girl to guide them. Nancy wants to know if they'll hold the plane. Emily starts saying "oh, my God" a lot. Rob voices over that when the Guidos saw what was going on with the other teams getting a better flight, they "just went nuts." And that appears to be what happens.

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