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The Guidos are evil

Bill and Joe, driving their luggage cart around in a desperate search for information about the status of the other teams. Specifically, they say (and I am not kidding), "Oooooh, now we can hear what's going on with THESE guys!" (TGOOOT, Part 6.) Frank and Margarita are discussing Joe and Bill's good luck, and then there's a shot of Bill chuckling derisively. I am highly suspicious about the editing, in terms of whether Bill is actually reacting to Frank and Margarita as shown, but…I can only watch it the way they give it to me. Back to Rob. "How is it out of eight lines, we pick the one where the ticket guy disappears?" Poor Esquire. But hey -- here's a shot of them from behind, which informs me that Rob has that damn hat slung across his back. Rob, I swear -- when I said LOSE the hat, I meant it. LOSE it. Lose it in the desert, lose it on a plane, lose it in a poker game, lose it forever, or I'm calling the authorities and having it confiscated. It also has writing on it, and if the writing says, "Have a great summer! U were fun to talk to in Bio! See U in the fall! Luv, Amber!" I am going to throw up.

Frustration montage. Everyone is tearing their collective hair out. Margarita wants a flight to Athens. Marseilles? No. And no. Then we get the world's most humorous shot of Rob, in which his mouth is all puffed out like he's pressing his lips up against a window to scare his buddies. They really like to put the camera up Rob's nose.

More of the frustration mambo. Nancy, in an interview, is "envious" of Bill and Joe. She goes on to say, "It's just like…this little good-luck fairy just follows them everywhere they go." And I am not TOUCHING that, because let's face it -- you don't need me to.

More Guido gloating, and I can't STAND them.

Commercials. Watch The District. There are no naked wolves being advertised this week. Damn.

Lenny laments that "Team Guido had their bases covered, and they're basically gonna be in Rome." Karyn allows as how this is because they arrived first. Well, yes, but…it's still annoying. Speaking of which, here's Bill saying, "We have a ticket, they don't." Joe: "They don't have any tickets at all." (TGOOOT, Part 7.) Margarita, still checking, still striking out. Kevin, clearly having a thought of some sort, tells Drew to get the passports ready. Drew explains that because he and Kevin are from New York and have "the luck of the Irish," Kevin was able to charm a girl at Tunis Air into getting them onto a flight. No indication of how this was accomplished. I may not want to know. Not only does Kevin get himself and Drew squared away, but he takes care of Momily and Esquire, too. There seems to be an emerging thing among these three teams -- not an alliance, exactly, just an understanding, and it makes a fair amount of sense to me, because these are the three remaining teams that I can imagine myself ever spending time with voluntarily. Anyway, this Fratilyesque thing seems to start to gel here at the ticket counter. Drew and Rob clasp hands. Nancy refers to Kevin and Drew as her "new heroes." Aw.

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