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The Guidos are evil

Drew and Kevin try to order tickets on the same plane the Guidos had, but they get the bad news that Bill and Joe got the last tickets. Of course they did. Luck of the Evil. We watch Bill and Joe wander through the airport -- as matching as ever -- with their luggage on a little cart. Weasels. Drew and Kev clarify the strike situation, and ponder their options -- of which, for the moment, it appears they have none. Momily approaches and asks what's up, and Shower-Fresh fills them in. Kevin is now negotiating on behalf of Momily as well as himself and Drew. As has been stated by greater minds than mine, this version of an "alliance" -- in which you don't attempt to wait for people, but you help them when you have the chance -- makes a lot more sense than what Esquire and Danza were trying to do before. You can't, after all, actually wait for people -- that's dumb, and it doesn't work. But when you're bunched, you can help each other. Anyway, Nancy is getting her Southern Mom vibe going as she laments that the Guidos seem to get the best of the other teams "every taaaaaahme. Every taaaaaahme." She is frustrated, and it's starting to show.

Lenny and Karyn arriving at the airport, noted by Shower-Fresh. Frank and Margarita, arriving as well. Team Esquire appears. Elsewhere, the Guidos stake out a spot to spy on the other teams. "We're going to just stand here and watch what happens," Bill says. (TGOOOT, Part 5.)

Esquire, running through the airport, still sort of doing that geeky-running thing. Maybe it's just that running is practically all they ever show Esquire doing, so I just notice it more. Or else they run like geeks. After a quick check on Frank and Margarita, we are back to Esquire. Now this particular shot of the boys standing in line has one purpose and one purpose only, and that is for you to look at Rob's arm. Rob's monstrous arm is crawling right out of his sleeve, and it is going to come to your house and eat your food and date your women. It's The Arm That Ate Cleveland. It's The Arm That Stomped Tokyo. Bill, actually, comments that "Rob is just kinda hanging out over the side," and for once, he's right. That arm is everywhere. Have I mentioned I've seen this arm? Of course, it looks nothing like this in person. It's all make-up and camera angles and CGI.

Brennan, getting to speak for once (Brennan is in serious danger of becoming the Marcel Marceau of this show), learns that there are no seats. Specifically, he gets to say: "Oh, it's fully booked. Ah, okay." Give it up for Brennan's dialogue, people, because you're not getting much this week. Rob and Drew are chatting, with Rob saying, "We're beggin', too! That's what you've got to do here, that's really the only thing you can do." Drew has a pen behind his ear. Planning on taking some dictation, Drew?

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