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The Guidos are evil

Drew: "The Guidos…" Kevin: "They're doing fine, they're -- they're -- they don't make a lot of mistakes, but at the same time, we do everything quicker than them." I don't know if I'd go that far, Kevin, but lately, it's true that Shower-Fresh has been getting the drop on the Guidos. Back to Guido. Joe: "They're totally distracted, they're totally worried about 'Bill and Joe are doing this,' 'Bill and Joe are doing that,' they've been saying this all along, you know, 'there's something special about Bill and Joe.'" Man, Joe really needs to surrender the fantasy, because he's beginning to see himself in a somewhat supernatural way I'm just not comfortable with. Back to Drew: "We've pretty much beaten them every single time, to every destination, just about." Kevin: "They're not doing anything fantastic." Drew: "We're not that impressed with them." Ooooh, Guidos and Frats are gonna rumble!

Guido gets a cab on the deserted street. Of course they do. They have the Luck of the Evil. But then Shower-Fresh gets a cab. Woo hoo!

3:12 AM. Good morning, Momily! This morning, Em has her goofy red-and-white stocking cap on, which looks a little like she's growing it for the Cat in the Hat, but she only has the first stripe done. Nancy is doing the red-bandanna thing. They look sort of cute, actually. Emily's hat is dumb, but somehow, it kind of works for her. (I promise you that at this moment, Esquire is gnashing its shiny white teeth, muttering, "Man, every time WE wear a hat, it's this international fashion crime and it goes on for about six pages, and now she's all, 'Oh, Emily can wear a dumb hat, that's perfectly all right.' Where is the justice? Can we sue for this?" All I can say is it's a benevolent dictatorship around here.) Now, in an interview, we see that Emily has gotten rid of the braids, and this is the first time she appears as cute as she probably is. (It might be that I'm giving her a free pass because I'm so happy about the braids being gone, of course.) She comments that she thinks Momily has surprised people by sticking around so long, and I think it's fair to say she's right. They did look a bit shaky the first couple of weeks, when they weren't doing anything but "Imily!" and "C'mon, Mom!" Things seem to be improving for them. They do the cab thing and get on their way.

3:52 AM. Team Esquire. Rob is still in that damn marshmallow-man jacket that I just! Can't! Stand! But at least there is no hat. The boys are showing me mercy this week. No backwards baseball hat, no dumb-ass touristy safari hat, no visor, NO HAT. (Q-Brennan: "I actually HAD an Indiana Jones hat! But it got so beat up in my backpack that I left it in Paris." Miss Alli: "Well, sucks for you. Think how much better you would have been treated, had you kept it.") Rob, in a mercifully non-sunglassed and hair-appropriate interview, says that "at this point, everybody is competition." He singles out Momily, pointing out that "they are really kicking butt right now -- and they're kicking OUR butt right now, and I give them all the credit in the world right now, it's great."

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