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The Guidos are evil

Rob, at the destination post-sports-car, pacing. This is Rob's GQ moment of the day, for those of you keeping score at home. Brennan is still driving around, and now he stops and asks for help from a guy who seems to work at some kind of Large Red Equipment site, though I couldn't tell you much more than that. He asks for directions, and the guy seems to be at least moderately helpful.

Kevin pulls up in the sports car, and he and Rob meet up. You can see them immediately get to checking out the Italian girl who's serving as the hostess. Dogs! I'm just saying. Actually, if you watch carefully, you can see their big cartoon tongues unfurl and land on the pavement. Listen for the "thwap."

Drew clambers out of the smart car and asks some locals for directions. (In an affable and friendly way, of course.) Eventually, someone agrees to lead him on her bike.

And here comes Brennan in the little red car, where Rob is waiting for him. They low-five as they land on the mat. Welcome, Team Esquire, you are Team Number Three. First thing out of Rob's mouth as he indicates the greeter? "This is Sara, this is Brennan." Hee! (This got the biggest laugh of the night in Rob's living room.) I guess we know how Rob and Kevin passed the time waiting for their boys to show up. Brennan grins, because you know what? He knows how they passed the time, too. (Q-Brennan, on his relationship with Rob: "We call each other 'dumb-ass' quite a lot. I'm surprised they don't show it more.")

Here's Drew, waved in by Kevin airport-style. Welcome, Team Shower-Fresh. You are Team Number Four. And of all these guys scamming on this girl, Kevin looks the hungriest. I swear, he looks like he's going to grab her, dip her, kiss her, and basically get his Pepe Le Pew on all over the place. ("Ahh, darleeeng, why do you run from me? Ah weeel find yooooouu…") He manages to distract himself by rubbing Drew's head, though I suspect it's just not the same. "I came over in the sports car," he explains to Drew, following up with the international mime for "sports car." "Oh, every one I get screwed!" Drew yells in disbelief. He's right.

Lenny and Karyn arrive and get the Roadblock. She does it. (Oh, thank goodness.) In her car, Nancy is still looking around. Now we're in the Nancy-and-Karyn-to-the-finish portion of the show. Nancy does arrive first (welcome, Momily, you are Team Number Five), but we don't see any Fratilyesque reunion. This is, of course, because the boys are off in a corner, arm-wrestling over who gets to go back and mack on the lovely Sara when her greeting duties are over.

Karyn, approaching. And approaching some more. And continuing to approach. She locates a guy who agrees to lead her for a while, and calls him "an angel." She also looks happy for once, which is nice. As he gives her her last set of directions, she kisses him and says, "Bye, Fabio!" Damn. She met an Italian guy named Fabio? Why don't things like that ever happen to me? ["Don't give up hope. I've met an Italian guy named Fabio, and I hope I look that good in a pair of Mercedes-logo coveralls when I'm seventy." -- Sars]

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