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The Guidos are evil

Margarita reaches the destination and waits for Frank. Meanwhile, Esquire gets to the roadblock. We do get to hear Brennan say, "Thank you very much." That's his other big line of the week, I guess. As Drew and Kevin show up, Drew comments that "someone's got to go back and get the girls." Indeed. Rob and Brennan discuss the roadblock, and Rob says, "You're the former race-car driver," so they decide Brennan should do it. Heh. He takes off.

Drew is taking on the roadblock on behalf of Shower-Fresh. Seeing the car, this rather large guy looks a bit put off. "Oh, you gotta be kiddin' me," he grumbles. "I'm not good with the map, uh, stuff, Kev, but, uh…" He climbs in anyway, hoping for the best. Drew then has a wrestling match with his seatbelt. Snerk.

Joe is lost…or so they want me to think.

Frank approaches the endpoint. "That would be my wife, jumping up and down up there," he comments with affection. I just don't get the Frank transformation. Maybe it, too, is all camera angles and CGI. He climbs out, and they step on the mat, grinning. Welcome, Team Danza, you are Team Number One. Or so says the lovely young woman doing the greeting this week, who you will want to keep an eye on. Because God knows certain other people (I'm looking at you, men of Fratilyesque) are going to have an eye on her.

Here comes Guido to the finish line. Crap. Joe wasn't nearly lost enough, it turns out. They run onto the mat, jumping up and down as usual, fist-pumping, blah blah blah. Welcome, Team Guido, you are Team Number Two.

Here's Brennan, tooling around in the Esquire smart car. He's trying to use his map as a navigational tool, but like other teams, he's also retooling his plan to incorporate help from the locals. He tries to talk to a little old lady, but she starts speaking Italian to him. You know, Brennan, a foreign language would be a useful tool in this situation.

Momily, rescued by the returning cab. When they make it to the car place, Nancy takes on the Roadblock (all right, Nancy!). She looks a little ill, but she agrees to do it. Once they get on their way, Emily serves up the best sports-car reaction shot of the day, managing to look terrified and delighted at the same time, which I like to think is how I would look. I suspect I'd actually look like someone throwing up out the window, but you never know. Elsewhere, Nancy is a bit lost.

Hey, here are Lenny and Karyn, getting off the Production Difficulties Express. They get a woman on a bike to lead the way to a taxi for them, and they run behind her.

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