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The Guidos are evil

Back on the second train, blue-spectacled Rob the Muppet guitarist is lawyering and parsing his head off on the rules violation. "There was a train switch at Bologna," he says, "and we are now on the second train to Castelfranco Emilia. A couple of teams got off in Bologna, and we believe are on their way in a cab to Castelfranco Emilia, which we think is a violation of what the clue says to do. The clue that we got this afternoon said, and I quote, 'Take a train to Castelfranco Emilia via Bologna.'" Whew! That was a mouthful, Rob. Take a breath. Meanwhile, Emily gives the layperson's view, as follows: "If it says to take a train, take a train! Take a damn train!" Heh.

Bill, in an interview, whines, "I never played the taxi to be a cheater." Yeah, I didn't actually think you did, Bill. I just think you didn't do the clue. I don't think you were trying to put anything over on anybody; I just think you didn't want to do what it said to do, and you failed to follow directions. Bill says he was "being smart." Well, except for the part where you didn't do what it said to do. That wasn't so smart.

Frank and Margarita get to the car factory.

Fratilyesque, getting off the train. "We'll be lucky if there's one taxi, never mind three," Kevin is saying. Now we see them standing around looking at two cabs that have arrived. Drew is asking for "three taxis," but you can hear Rob say, "There's only two, Drew," and I have a feeling that means two IN THE TOWN, not two AVAILABLE TO THESE PARTICULAR PEOPLE, and if you were looking for a reason that the second train leg was part of the task, this might be it. My impression that there isn't another one in town is strengthened by the fact that unlike every other place where they've had a cab and needed another, the cab drivers can't call another cab. Instead, Momily agrees to wait at the train station and have the boys send one of the cabs back for them. "Y'all go, seriously," Emily says good-naturedly. Once the boys have left, Nancy reiterates that there are only "two cabs in the area," and she and Em have let the boys go first. "A little bit of the fight's gone in us -- or, me," she explains, and again, I think this is about the Guido airport incident. Nancy's just mortified. "It's okay," she says to Emily. "I hope so," Emily says. "As long as we don't get eliminated."

Special note. Esquire is taking some crap for taking one of the cabs and letting Momily and Shower-Fresh negotiate for the other one. As I keep saying, Rob didn't want to give me much in the way of inside information, but I know how to keep my ears open, and if I cobble together a few tidbits I was able to overhear, I think that Rob ordered the two cabs -- the only two in town -- while they were all on the train, specifically by successfully scamming a cell phone from some girl. (Figures.) If true, this would explain why it was assumed that they were entitled to one of the cabs.

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