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The Guidos are evil

Hoof, about to open. Exciting music -- do you think something exciting will happen to justify it? Yeah, I know. Probably not. The teams waiting at the Hoof (which is everybody except Lenny and Karyn -- Guidos, Fratilyesque, and Danza) have to wait for the gate to fully drop before they can run for the clue. Lots of hovering over the gate as it drops. They wonder whether they can jump over. Uh, no, they're apparently told. Joe says they're going to "maintain some decorum" as the gate drops and they run for it. When that happens, Margarita is actually the first to make the dash. The Hoof people collect their clues. There is a frenzy for cabs to the train station.

And along here, we get our first shot of Rob in his blue-tinted sunglasses. Man, these are as bad as the hat. Okay, they're not as bad as ALL of the hats. They're as bad as the backwards baseball hat. They're not as bad as The Hat I Am Obsessed With Hating (hereinafter the Hating-Hat). But they're very…I don't know whether I want to say Elton John, or, like, Warren Zevon…I know! They look like something the one of the members of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem would wear. Dude, Rob is in the Muppets' rock band.

Ironically, Margarita and Loud Pushy Frank are in their cab, talking about how "ugly this thing is getting," and the fact that neither of them wants any part of it. Considering all the yelling Loud Pushy Frank was doing earlier in the race, I find this kind of shocking, but they seem to mean it. They say, almost in unison, "I don't want any part of that…"

Fratilyesque at the train station, followed by Frank and Margarita, then the Guidos. Bill and Joe yell at each other about getting on the train. Ha! "Oh, I hope they miss it!" Bill yells, still completely obsessed with the other teams rather than being focused on the race. "We should be so lucky!" yells Joe, who is also completely obsessed with the other teams rather than being focused on the race. Funny thing, that.

Everybody's on the train. And here are the lovely Boys of Esquire, carrying blue shades, visor, and their ticket to ridicule. Boys, boys, boys…anyway, we are informed that Lenny and Karyn are on a later train because of "production difficulties," and they'll get a credit for the lost time.

Team Guido, on the train, starts asking around for advice, and learns that you can get to the city they want by getting off at Bologna and taking a taxi, rather than taking the train all the way there. I've heard a little griping about why this was a rules violation, so let's straighten it out right now. Unlike the famous to-Avignon-or-not-to-Avignon dilemma, the clue here said that you had to take the train TO CASTELFRANCO EMILIA. The Les Baux clue just said to take the train. Nobody's train actually went to Les Baux -- you could get off wherever you wanted. Here, it said to take the train to the endpoint. This involves CHANGING TRAINS at Bologna, and successfully changing trains is part of the task. Like it or not, that's what the clue said. Not doing the second half of the train trip is not doing the task. Nevertheless, Team Guido takes a cab instead of the required second train leg, as does Team Danza.

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