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The Guidos are evil

Here come Frank and Margarita to the Hoof, and their big news is that they've now decided that Team Guido should be called Siegfried and Roy. Hee! Although, quite honestly, I like Bert and Ernie better. It trips off the tongue with slightly more panache, although honestly, it's very nearly a toss-up. Anyway, Danza gets the scoop on the airport scuffle. It is at this point, incidentally, that I notice Brennan has the visor on again. Sigh. And we were doing so well with the boys and the non-hat-wearing. Aaaanyway, Lenny and Karyn are at the Hoof, too. They hear the scuffle story, and they are surprised to hear Nancy say that Guido pushed her. Their response to that is to go ask the Guidos for their side of the story. A nice idea, if the Guidos had any integrity whatsoever. Here's what Bill says when Karyn asks him about it: "You have to believe us, we didn't, like, set that situation up. I mean, other than the fact that we just happened to arrive at the departure gate about three seconds before they did. We didn't run there, and…they were running around the corner, 'cause they saw us going there, so they sort of created the emotional…energy of what ended up happening." You read the recap. You know that entire thing is a total lie. A total, one-hundred-percent lie.

Cut back to the rest of the teams, talking. Now, HERE is an interesting moment. "Well," Drew is saying rather forcefully, "he pushed Nancy, so I pushed -- Nancy was trying to get through." Hey. Wonder who Drew pushed, don't you? He didn't finish the sentence. Inquiring minds want to know. Bill and Joe are insisting there was no pushing. Drew is saying, "You don't push a lady, it's that simple." Bill, on the other hand, has seized on Drew's "I'll break your legs" comment, trying to imply that somehow he was in actual fear of Drew and Drew was at fault. Yeah, whatever. Bill also says Drew was "pushing and shoving." I hope Drew didn't actually HURT Team Guido, but I find myself kinda hoping he maybe pushed them a little. I know, it's small and petty of me. What can I say? I'm a petty, petty person. Anyway, Bill refers to this is as "escalating violence." You are so ridiculous, Bill, seriously. As Lenny and Karyn leave, Bill reassures himself that the truth "is somewhere in the middle" of what he told Karyn and what the others probably told her. Considering that it lies nowhere in the vicinity of what Bill told her, I find that difficult to believe.

Learning that the Hoof opens at 10:00 and the Foot opens earlier, Lenny and Karyn head for the Foot. At the Foot, they find the clue, which tells them to "take a train to Castelfranco Emilia via Bologna." Remember that, because it's important. Anyway, when they get there, they're to head for an auto factory. They head for the train.

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