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The Guidos are evil

Cab Guido. "I haven't been here in five years, or four years," Joe muses, "but I have a pretty good layout of the city."

NOOOOOOOOO! I'm just going to retire from recapping right now, because I can't take this. If I have to watch Bert and Ernie (tm Esquire, by the way) snot their way through another European city while informing me constantly of how much they know about it, I'm going to start tearing my face off just as a distraction.

Oh, fine. I'll just keep going. Joe speaks some crappy-ass Italian to the driver about waiting for them while they check the clue. Like I care. For some reason, Joe seems to think that when you speak a foreign language, you have to talk like a freak. And I'm saying it ain't so, Joe.

Lenny and Karyn, the flag. (Hey, they're still in first!) As they open the clue, Phil Phills us in on the detour. Their mission this week is to find one of two monuments -- an easy-to-find statue of a foot, or a harder-to-find hoof portion of a horse statue. The clue says they "may pick up speed" if they find the Hoof, which it turns out is because there are taxis available at the Hoof that can help them get going on the next part a bit faster. Karyn, reading the info, notes that they "may" pick up speed, so they're not sure to pick up any.

Guido cab. Bill does his obligatory "Yeess!" in the car. (Q-Rob: "He has to do that once every episode. 'Yeess!'") The Guidos run toward the clue. Hey, they run dumber than Esquire, because they're synchronized. Anyway, they make it to the clue, but they discover that -- d'oh! It's all about the Bunching. (Incidentally, Rob used the expression "bunching" in a conversation I overheard but did not participate in, which suggests to me that I am successfully incorporating it into the vocabularies of others. Oh, and also that I need to stop eavesdropping.) We're bunching here because Hoof and Foot don't open until the next day. So in effect, we're back in Paris at the pendulum and Notre Dame. (Q-Rob: "How DO you pronounce that, anyway? Is it…is it 'foo-CALT'?" Miss Alli, feeling like a dork: "It's sort of 'foo-COH.'" Q-Rob, with a chuckle: "Yeah, in that case, I don't think ANYBODY got that right.")

Speaking of Rob, here he is on Train Fratilyesque, getting to Rome. Teams grab cabs, agree to meet up at the Coliseum, and Nancy grabs a hug from Esquire. Before you know it, here's Esquire, running for the flag. Do I have to cover the running yet again? This time, they don't even have their packs, so I don't know WHAT the problem is. They pull the clue, and then Kevin and Drew show up and they pull the clue, too. Everybody's thinkin' Hoof is the way to go.

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