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The Guidos are evil

Kevin hurry-hurries everybody onto the flight, and…they're off. They're on their way to Lyon. Phil exposits that at almost the same time, Frank and Margarita got to London, and then a couple of hours later, Joe and Bill set off. And then, in one of those goofy twists that help keep things interesting, Lenny and Karyn manage to get a direct flight -- the only one anybody got all day -- that puts them into Rome in FIRST PLACE. After all that. Karyn is disbelieving that they're in the lead, and boy, so am I. I'm almost sorry I already called someone else Team Cockroach, because it would be perfect for them.

Lyon. Rob, Kevin, Emily. Rob explains that the airline has cancelled the connecting flight, so they're stuck. (It's the Guido-luck, I swear.) He explains that they're now going to head for Milan, and then to try to get from there to Rome by bus or train or roller skates or whatever seems fastest.

Guidos in Rome. Damn them. They get a taxi and head for the flag. It turns out that in addition to speaking crappy-ass French, they also speak crappy-ass Italian. Is there no relief? In the cab, they speculate that maybe Fratilyesque somehow got stuck along the way to Rome. (TGOOOT, part 15.)

Which, of course, brings us back to Rob/Kevin/Emily. "Just bad, rotten luck," Rob remarks. Emily pats him on the shoulder. "Welcome to our world, sweetheart," she says wearily. "I've been there," he responds. "I'm in it." Psssst, Emily? I don't think he noticed you feeling The Arm That Stomped Tokyo, but I did.

Karyn, walking along in Rome, wonders whether the other teams will get flights out that same night. Lenny isn't sure. (If he commits to an answer, she'll tell him it's the wrong one, of course, and things are going so well that it's probably the better part of valor for him to keep his mouth shut.)

Danza, in the Geneva airport, where they have apparently progressed from London after finding no flights to Rome. As The Frank Formerly Known As Loud And Pushy explains it, they came to Geneva because "Margarita thought it would be best." Frank? Has had a head transplant. That is the only explanation I can think of. Anyway, they curl up under what looks like it might be a staircase and sack out for the night.

Commercials. Drink Yo-Burst. Not likely.

Fratilyesque in Milan. Kevin explains that they weren't able to get a quick flight to Milan, so they jumped on the train. "Go right from here to the train station and suck it up -- right now we have no other options," he says, and that's why Kevin is a good player. They grab the train, and it leaves the station. "Whether we go by airplane, by bus, by train -- we're gonna get there," Brennan actually is given the opportunity to say out loud. "Planes, trains, and automobiles," Rob John-Hugheses in response.

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