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Hornio finds the clue and gets a cab. Then Kris and Jon, Hayden and Aaron, and Nuance. It almost appeared that Rebecca's hollering when she found it might have given people a tip-off, but it's hard to say. In any event, they're quickly all away in their cabs. Note that as the Nuance cab drives off, they're quoted a price of $30 for the trip. "I think we're the last to leave," Hayden says as she and Aaron leave...last. "Yep," he agrees.

We head out to the beach village, where Lori and Bolo are the first to pull up. When they get out of the cab, they quickly get into a disagreement with their driver, who wants $60 for the trip. Tense, Lori says she doesn't have $60 to give him, and when Bolo prods her, she snaps, "I don't have it if I don't have it," to which he asks, "Do you want to go to jail?" "Shut UP!" she hollers back. "God, you're an idiot." She takes the money, gives the driver $40, and takes off. When they're walking away, Bolo says, "See how much an ass you're making of yourself? That's the attitude I'm talking about right there." Well, that'll help. I think that was clearly the result of her anxiety about the situation, so it would have been nice if he had just been on her side rather than snapping at her. Gus and Hera pay their driver $40 as well, and take off down the beach.

As Don and MJ drive up, he comments that yes, they've seen quite a bit of poverty. But everything is very colorful and the kids are smiling. "And we find it fascinating," MJ says. As if to contrast "fascinating" with not-so-fascinating, here comes the Spazpants cab, and they manage to get to the clue box first. Yuck. They open the clue, and it's a Detour, where the choices are "Stack 'Em Up" and "Pull 'Em Up," which Jonathan reads as "Pile 'Em Up," because he reads clues and people equally well. Phil explains that in this Detour, the stacking involves carrying baskets of fish over to a drying table and laying them out properly so that they cover the entire table. The fish are small; the tables are big. The pulling involves going out on a fishing boat and catching four fish. I have to say, this is one of the only tasks I've ever seen where I'm not sure what the pros are of the fishing or what the cons are of the stacking, at least relatively speaking. Jonathan asks Ejal whether the stacking or the fishing will be easier, and Ejal tells him that the stacking will be easier. It's good to know Jonathan has confidence in his racing skills. Anyway, they choose the stacking.

Gus and Hera are a short distance behind. They run toward the clue, passing a goat (goat?) who gives a little "me-e-e-eh" as they go by. (It's goat for "John 3:16.") Also approaching the clue box with Gus and Hera are Don and MJ and Bolo and Lori. Both MJ and Gus express interest in the fishing, so they go in that direction. (Actually, MJ says, "I'm feeling like the fish," so I'm not sure she understands that both tasks, technically, involve fish. But whatever.) Lori thinks stacking sounds better, and at least wants to go take a look at the options.

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