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Currently pulling up at the cemetery is Spazpants. When they get to the gate, however, they learn that it doesn't open until 7:30 AM. You have to let the dead people sleep, you know. Hornio arrives, then Lori and Bolo, then Hayden and Aaron. Then Nuance shows up, and they're having a bit of a situation with their cab driver, who wants ten dollars for the ride and Freddy only wants to pay five. They didn't give enough information to interpret whether the cab driver wants five more than they agreed to because he had to stop for air (we've certainly seen people charged extra because their cab ran out of gas) or whether Freddy is saying he'll only pay half as a result of the unauthorized stop, but my guess is it's the second one. At any rate, he tells the guy that he's only giving him five dollars, "no negotiation." Kendra declares that she feels "very unsafe" in what she calls "ghetto Africa." Yeah, I think I can live without that out of you, Kendra. It looks like Freddy eventually offers the driver a compromise price of seven dollars in order to close the issue and calm Kendra down. Gus and Hera get there, and then all the teams wind up finding themselves a hotel. Because God forbid you should sleep outside.

Finally, Kris and Jon find somebody who speaks English -- and, in a move I thought was sort of cute, their driver is looking over their shoulders as they lean in to ask about the cemetery. It's like they're all a little team now. Told to go to Bel Air, they finally pull it together and get pointed in the right direction. "We're so last right now," Kris says. When they get to the gate, right after Don and MJ, they're relieved to see the hours of operation. "We got lucky on this one," Jon says. "It was a humbling day," Kris grins sheepishly. Yeah. Between the bungling of the morning hours of operation and the getting lost first thing into Dakar? I'd say so.

The next morning, the gates to the cemetery open, and a whole bunch of people, who look like they've been told "No Running," go speedily walking off in all directions to look for the right grave. Spazpants finds themselves a Fern in the form of a guy named Ejal, and of course, instead of just talking to the guy, Jonathan has to officially be all, "You're from Africa! I'm from America! Ebony and ivory!" I have a feeling that in this situation, money is the language that breaks down all cultural barriers, but they don't officially tell us whether Spazpants gives this guy any money. They follow him up to the cemetery. There, Kendra isn't really sure whether she's allowed to walk on the broad, flat gravestones, but she doesn't seem to want to. Freddy tells her that it's okay, and she takes a few steps to get over one, shuddering the entire time. Heh. Freddy chuckles at her. Me too. Because it does look like it would be hard to get around otherwise, but I'd feel a little spooked walking on somebody's stone also.

The first people to find their way to the clue are Lori and Bolo. They pick up a copy of the guy's book, and inside, they find a clue telling them to get to a beach village called Kayar. Phil explains that when they get to Kayar, they'll look for a carpenter shop where another clue awaits. Gus and Hera and Don and MJ are next to find their clues, and they scatter as quickly as they can so that other teams don't follow them to it. The three teams with clues head off toward Kayar. Elsewhere, Ejal the Spazpants Fern tries to help them look through the cemetery. They find their clue too, and in their cab, Jonathan has Ejal ask the taxi driver to take any shortcuts he possibly can. Incidentally, they're crammed in there so tightly that Victoria is sitting on Jonathan's lap, yuck. I'm convinced Ejal says nothing to the driver except "I have this guy's money; just drive."

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