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Gus and Hera seem to get the brush-off from some cab drivers in a nascent storyline that isn't really explored very much, so it's hard to say exactly what went on there. There does seem to be quite a bit of chaos with taxis. Kris and Jon get a taxi, which is the good part, but they don't seem to technically know where they're going, which is the bad part. Eventually, Hera snags herself a taxi, making use of her handy knowledge of French, and she's quoted a price of 20...somethings. U.S. dollars? Hard to say. Don and MJ run into some guys who can at least tell them who wrote the poem. Lori and Bolo run into some other guys who tell them that they want the Bel Air cemetery. Ah, closer and closer, no? Hornio, too, has been told to head for Bel Air. Spazpants, on the other hand, is having a bit more trouble, to the point where Jonathan feels it necessary to act out the concept of death, complete with a finger drawn across his throat. Tantalizing. But who am I to judge, because..."Bel Air," someone says. Well, never let anyone tell you mime doesn't come in handy in foreign countries.

As Spazpants hunts for a cab, Jonathan throws a hissy, running around all, "I need somebody that speaks to me in English!" He gets them a cab driver eventually, and once they're in the cab, Victoria makes use of a little French herself, saying, "Vite, vite." (Which does, indeed, mean "quickly" in French, so there's one point for Lady Spazpants.) They take off. Meanwhile, Rebecca is having some doubts about the Hornio cab driver. "You sure you know where it is?" she says firmly but evenly. "Yes," he tells her. "Okay," she says. "You don't look like you know where it is." Heh. Yeah, I don't blame her for that one, because we have seen quite a few teams get hosed by cab drivers who claim to know where they're going and don't. "So far, Africa sucks," El Hornio says. Not to judge and entire continent by what you see at the airport or anything. He goes on to declare Dakar "the worst, most nightmarish place I've ever been to in my life." Well, not everything can be Mommy and Daddy's house.

Lori and Bolo are having the same negotiation with their guy, as Bolo says that he has to be sure he knows where they're going, because they don't have time to "drive all around Africa." Oy. They apparently decide to gamble on their guy, because there they go. Kendra and Freddy, on the other hand, can't even get anybody to confirm who the poet is at first. They get as much as "downtown," and then they get a cab, which Kendra loudly declares "a jalopy." true, want to watch out for that. Freddy opines that it's all "mayhem" in Dakar so far, with the airport and the people. He thinks it's all very "unsafe." Hayden and Aaron are back at the airport snagging a cab, which she declares "so gross." Really, I don't judge so much for this, as they seem to be saying it to each other, and there is such a thing as a cab that would make me comment that it was gross, too. Don and MJ are getting a cab, a discussion that gets a little tricky when the driver takes exception to MJ tapping him on the shoulder and moves her hand away. "Don't touch," he says.

Kris and Jon, in their cab, admit that they aren't sure they know who wrote the poem, but they're just hoping they're headed to the right cemetery. Oh, that's not good. Elsewhere, the Nuance cab is pulling into a gas station. "What are you doing?" Freddy asks. It would appear that their guy has chosen this moment to put air in the tires. Hmph. Kendra says "jalopy" again, so she's apparently really enjoying rolling that word around in her mouth. ["As the owner of a jalopy myself, I can attest that it is a pretty fun word to say. However: shut up, Kendra." -- Sars]

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