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Next up the tower are Lori and Bolo, then Don and MJ. "We've been practicing stairs, thank God," Don says as they sit in their cab on the way to the airport.

Fortunately for Hayden, Aaron decides they ought to head over to the tower to just check on it, even though it's not time to go yet. "I see somebody over there," Hayden says in surprise as they take off running toward the gate. "We're stupid," she says as they spot the sign. "That's what we get," Aaron grumps. "We should have been waiting out front." Well, yes. In better news, they at least come up with the idea of getting to the train to get to the airport, apparently getting this information from their travel book.

Aaand bringing up the rear is My Favorite Team, which is in the general vicinity of the tower, such that they manage to spot Hayden and Aaron at a run toward their taxi. "Why are they in such a hurry?" she wonders. "Is it open?" Jon calls out as they run toward the tower. "Yes," Hayden says back. "Oh my God," Jon says unhappily as they head for the clue. "We are such idiots," Kris offers. And...yes. I mean, generally, no, but in this case, yes. They, too, think the train to the airport will be better. Both lagging teams head to the train station to catch a ride to the airport. And they'd better shake a leg if they're going to make that 11:20 flight out of Stockholm to Paris.

Gus and Hera get to the airport, and while they're buying at the ticket counter, Lori and Bolo come up, so those teams get their tickets together. Back at the train station, Aaron is still kicking himself for not looking at the hours of operation. "That's what we get," he says again. It appears that they and Kris and Jon wind up on the same train. "I think we're last," Jon observes unhappily. Yeah, I think so.

At the airport, Spazpants arrives, and Jonathan requests tickets to "Dakar, Africa," which is kind of like asking for tickets to "Paris, Europe," but all right. They get a flight to Paris that's ten minutes earlier than everyone else's, but they're scheduled for the same Dakar connection, so it makes no difference. Well, except for the fact that Jonathan thinks this will "put the fear" into the other teams that they have a different flight. That certainly is a brilliant plan, except that with no conceivable benefit, it opens the door to something going wrong on your flight and your being completely screwed. So, like his hat, it's a lot of show for something that doesn't ultimately make a lick of sense. Don and MJ get to the airport and get their tickets, and then we see teams beginning to board the flight to Paris. Hayden and Aaron, then Kris and Jon, finally show up at the airport, and...they all get on the flight. Damn, that was not a good situation. Phil explains that all of the teams are now on their way to Dakar, by way of Paris. There are two Amazing Yellow Lines running together from Stockholm to Paris, like, "We can't even distinguish stupid Jonathan's flight from anyone else's, but just take note -- he's on a different flight! Ooooh, everybody's terrified! He's put the fear in them!"

Our introduction to Dakar shows first a beach, then a town, then some women walking in some major faboo outfits, then a whole variety of folks milling around, as you do. The flight lands at night, and everyone tears through the airport and out the front, in search of their clue. When they find it and open it, it tells them to find out who wrote the poem, called "Femme Noir," that's included with the clue, and go to that person's "final resting place." Wait, is that an actual clue in the "clue" sense? In something other than the "go here, dummy" sense? It seems that it is. Phil explains that the author of the poem is the former president of Senegal, Leopold Sedar Senghor. They'll need to figure that out, and then head to Senghor's grave, where they'll get another clue.

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