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Speaking of which, here are Lori and Bolo, leaving at 7:52 AM, behind the lead teams by almost six hours. I'm sure someone will correct me, but I can't remember ever seeing a spread of this magnitude this early on. My guess is that the task planners had no idea how long it would take people who chose counting, and no idea how long they would keep at it when it was obvious that it was going to take them forever and they should just build the damn desk already. Not to mention, I guess, how long the hay bales wound up taking. Bolo claims that the race has "brought [them] together," because they're "not arguing as much." My God, as much as what? He also uses the unique construction, "I'm better than you are, you're better than me are." Well, that's what too many piledrivers will do to you. Bolo makes excited noises to their cab driver.

Aaaand bringing up the rear are Don and MJ, leaving at 7:53. Don tells us that it's like boxing. "We got bloodied in round three, but the fight isn't over." He promises that they're "coming out fighting." "Hurry, hurry, hurry," MJ says to their cab driver. And then she punches him. Just kidding.

"Daddy, it's open," Hera says as she and Gus approach the tower gate. "We should have come an hour ago," Hera quite correctly observes when they see the sign. Down on the street, Spazpants is eyeballing the tower, and Victoria is peeking at the top through binoculars. "I see people at the top of there already," she says. "How'd they get up there if it doesn't open till 10:00?" Gus and Hera, clue in hand, grab a cab to the airport.

Speaking of the airport, Nuance is already there, first to inquire about airline tickets. They land a flight that leaves at 11:20 AM. They get their tickets and are caption-confirmed as "1st on Air France flight." Hornio shows up at the ticket counter and learns the same thing. They get their tickets and meet up with Nuance for a chitchat. "I'm really, really curious about what happened to the other four teams," El Hornio observes.

Speaking of the other four teams, here are Hayden and Aaron, finally ambling out of the Stockholm Sheraton. And here are Kris and Jon, wandering around town with all the time they have to kill. Ack! Even now, they don't even go look. Unbelievable. And who did go and look, finally? Spazpants, of course. When they see that the gate is open, they, too, feel stupid, and you'll notice that Victoria says, "I told you," which she probably did. But I'm sure he didn't listen. Because why would he? They get their clue and get themselves a cab. Jonathan pesters the driver, actually smacking him on the arm all, "Let's go, we're in a race, come on!" "I cannot go on this red," says the driver, as we see that, indeed, they are stopped at a red light. Idiot. "Okay," Jonathan says, resigned. Well, that's big of him not to expect the driver to blow off all the traffic laws.

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