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Gus and Hera finish the Roadblock at last. MJ is still working. In the cab, a very shirtless Gus notes that MJ is still back there, and he feels bad for her. Back at the beach, we watch as MJ hauls another basket of sand up to the bucket. "I hope I can lift it up when I get there," she muses. She does indeed lift it and flip it into the bucket. "You're doing incredible, sweetheart," Don says. As she heads back out, empty basket resting on her head, Don breaks down, burbling. "She's one hell of a woman," he says. "I'm so proud of her." Yeah, it's a little goofy, but...yeah, seeing somebody you really love kick the ass of something really difficult is pretty cool. She brings back one more basket. "It's killing me to watch you out there," he says. "This is the heaviest one," she says. And then she gives a mighty groan, lifts it up, and tips it into the basket. A round of applause breaks out on the beach, because she has filled it up. They read the clue as their caption comes up: "Currently in Last Place." Sniff! In the cab, they share a smooch, surprisingly upbeat despite what they have to suspect is likely elimination.

The second ferry makes its way to the island. Everybody piles off, and the searching begins. Spazpants hits the mat second. Bolo and Lori are third, Hayden and Aaron are fourth, Nuance fifth, and Hornio sixth. That is one grudging peck they exchange.

Gus and Hera are caught in traffic, and as they sit, she muses that if they get bunched with Don and MJ at the ferry, they might be in a footrace to the pit stop, and she's not sure how they'll do in a footrace. Don and MJ are indeed headed for the ferry, but they do not quite make it in time for the ferry that leaves with Gus and Hera. "Son of a bitch," MJ says. Hee. Don looks a little stunned. When they finally get on a ferry, she says she feels "discouraged," and Don gives the obligatory "it was a good day" speech that so often precedes Philimination. Siiiigh.

Gus and Hera wander a little bit looking for the pit stop, and Don and MJ's ferry gets there. Will they get lost too? Will something happen? Will Don and MJ save themselves? Well, probably not, because they immediately get lost, too. Wandering ensues, and then we're in one of those dumb sequences where Phil stares off at the emptiness, wondering who will arrive next. And it's...Gus and Hera. Welcome, Gus and Hera, you are team number seven.

Well, here come Don and MJ. Sniff! They step on the mat. Sniff! Don and MJ, you're the last team to arrive. "I'm," Phil says, pausing so as to give away the game, "happy to tell you, however, that this is the first of several non-elimination legs, and you are still in The Amazing Race." He breaks it to them that they do have to give up all their money, and they're like, "Whatever, we don't care." Because, yay! Don crows in an interview about being "the oldest couple to ever get this far," which is fine, except that in fairness, Dave and Margaretta kicked ass, and they were -- sorry -- a bit sharper than Don and MJ, and had they had a non-elimination leg at the end of the fourth leg, they would have gotten equally far. So I'd say this particular bit of pride is perhaps a little bit premature. They've completed exactly the same number of legs as Ensure, and they finished last in the fourth one, so there you go. Which isn't to say I'm not very happy for them, because I am, or that I don't think they deserve another day after the ass that MJ kicked on that Roadblock and the shot of Don lifting up the damn car with his bare hands. Because I do.

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