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Gus and Hera get to the Roadblock, and he takes it. But out in the water, Gus appears to want to just shovel salt off of the platforms, and Hera has to yell to him several times, sounding like her voice is beginning to fail, that he can't take that salt; it has to come from the bottom the way the people already working at the lake are doing it.

Kris explains that their cab driver zoomed out of the traffic and hit the side streets, and they've done great. They're the first to get ferry tickets. Spazpants is right behind them, but when they go to open the trunk of the Spazpants cab, it won't open. Now that is some taxicab karma for you. Eventually, the trunk is forced open, but by the time they get there, they're told, "Boat is full, man." They do some begging, but it's not going to work. The only people on Ferry #1 as it takes off are Kris and Jon. "It's go time," Jon tells her. This time, we don't get to see how much she loves go time, but I'm sure she still does.

Back on shore, Lori and Bolo catch up with Spazpants, as do Hayden and Aaron and Nuance. And even Hornio!

At the Roadblock, Gus continues pouring salt into the bucket. And now, arriving at the Roadblock, MJ says that she'll have to do it, because Don is still sick. She goes wading out gamely into the water. "You're doing incredible, sweetheart," he says, as she hauls back a basket. Gus works. MJ works.

Ferry #2 leaves, carrying Spazpants, Lori and Bolo, Hayden and Aaron, Nuance, and Hornio. "Oh, it stinks. I don't think it's us," Hayden says as they board. Heh. I suspect that if they sense a stink, it is probably in addition to them, rather than instead of them. On the ferry, El Hornio speaks earnestly to Rebecca about how "unsupportive" she is "right now." As opposed, always. She insists that she was supportive, even though he screamed the whole time. He bellyaches about how much his eyes were hurting, and she finally cuts him off, loudly snotting, "Adam, I don't have time to babysit my girlfriend anymore." You know, when you make your really scathing comments, you want to do it in a way that doesn't require the use of [sic]. That's just a hint. "Do you want me to jump out of the boat?" he asks, threatening suicide for the second time in about a week. "That'd be awesome," she says impatiently. Yeah. She can't say that without sounding like a bitch, but...seriously, enough with the "goodbye, cruel world" routine. That's so far removed from "charming," it's positively unreal.

The first ferry lands at the Ile de Goree, and as Kris looks at the people all playing on the beach, she says, "Dude, look how cool this is." They wander around, without any particular idea where to find the pit stop, but then before you know it, there's Phil with the greeter. They step up on the mat. Welcome, My Favorite Team, you are team number one. Yay! And also, you win another Caribbean vacation. Can I come? It would be fun! We'll drink little fruity drinks and laugh at everyone! You'll love mockery when you get used to it!

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