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"NOW SNATCH THAT UP ON YOUR HEAD!" Bolo shouts at Lori. She hoists the basket up and does indeed walk it back on her head as her husband screams his approval. They certainly don't do anything halfway, those two. Everyone else is still plugging away, too, as Kendra frets that she can't see, because she has salt water in her eyes. Back on shore, Freddy gives her a rinse with a bottle of water. I bet that does sting. El Hornio is having the same problem, but in his case, it seems to make him angry at Rebecca, who is apparently responsible for the salt in the water, as it is a lake full of his tears, which is why he might have to just drown himself. She wipes off his eyes for him, and then she orders him to get back to work.

Jonathan is the first to fill up the bucket (booo!), so he and Victoria get the next clue. It tells them to head to Ile de Goree and look for the next pit stop. Getting there, as Phil explains, will require a trip on a ferry to the island, which was used as a prison for slaves about to be sent to "the New World," and is now a memorial and tourist spot. When the teams get there, they'll look through the streets until they find the pit stop, where the last team to check in "may be eliminated." Oh, Phil. You tease. Anyway, Spazpants gets in a cab and heads out.

"Come on, Adam, you're a man, you've got a [something] of girls doing this! You're stronger than that!" El Hornio is not helped by this, judging from the way he yells, "Rebecca, shut up!" "I should've done this one," she says simply into the camera. Kris and Jon finish up the Roadblock, which is again pretty impressive. She is indeed no pushover, that girl, for someone who's so perky.

You may have forgotten, but Gus and Hera and Don and MJ are still out on the water. Hera still looks queasy, but Gus manages to pull up their last fish, and they come to shore. Up on the beach, they hand in their fish and have them counted, and they get the clue sending them to the salt mounds. "We're last," Gus laments as they get in the cab. "No," Hera corrects, "Don and MJ are still out there." Aww.

And indeed, here they are. We get a particularly colorful sound bite of Don heaving some more of his guts over the side of the boat, and then MJ catches her last one. "Andale," she says, rather meaninglessly, as they head for shore. "Every time Don threw up, I caught fish," she says matter-of-factly. I don't even want to think about whether that has a reason to be true, but it very well might. They go ashore as well, hand in their fish, and get their clue.

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