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Out on the water, Don and MJ are having no luck, and Gus and Hera are having even less luck than that -- she's having to madly bail out the boat. "Not even a bite," Gus observes. Oh, and there's something else -- "Don's seasick," MJ observes as we hear Don gagging over the side of the boat. It's always nice when they crank up the body mics for that nice "Bleeaarrrghh," because otherwise, how would we be able to follow what's going on? Hera, over in her boat, says that she, too, isn't feeling so good. "I never want to go fishing again in my entire life," she says.

Commercials. Get a wrap from Arby's. No, really. Roast beef sandwiches are the devil's handiwork.

When we return, Gus finally hauls in a fish. "Good job, Daddy," Hera observes. MJ manages to bring up two at a time. "Oh, sweetheart," he says noncommittally. "If you could throw up again, maybe you could attract some more," she says. "Don't worry," he replies dryly. Snerk.

Back on shore, Spazpants finishes the fish-stacking, and when the woman working at the table goes to hand them their clue, Jonathan reaches over and not only hugs her, but kisses her. That is so very, very inappropriate I cannot even tell you. No amount of candy for children makes up for respecting adults in any place you visit, because they are not children, and they don't want you to sweep them up into your arms without asking. Especially if you're him. At any rate, they rip the clue, and it tells them to go by taxi to the salt mounts at Lac Rose. There, they'll get a new clue. Believe it or not, Spazpants still has Ejal with them as they leave, and Jonathan prods him to make the driver hurry up. Oy, that is already so tiresome.

Kris and Jon work with robot-like efficiency. Nuance does too, although Kendra would like you to know it's "disgusting." Hayden is nagging Aaron about filling in some remaining holes on their table. Next to finish are...Kris and Jon. "Kris and Jon are done," Rebecca says. "Well, good for them," snots El Hornio. Because if Kris and Jon jumped off a bridge, Rebecca probably would want to do the same thing. Nuance is next to finish, and then Hayden and Aaron.

Out on the sea, Don is still sick, but MJ notes that she's "not supposed to talk about it," apparently because it makes him feel worse. Hera pulls up the second fish for herself and Gus, but she tells us that she's still not feeling well.

Spazpants approaches Lac Rose. "Oh, God," Jonathan laments, "I see the mounds and mounds and mounds." Apparently, he's been looking at his wife again. Rimshot! They hop out at the clue box, and when they pull the clue, it says, "Who wants to bathe in rose water?" "You," Victoria immediately says. Phil, wearing a decent blue shirt and white pants that are only forgivable because of the unusual picture presented by the pink water and hills of white salt, explains about Roadblocks generally, and then about this one in particular. Basically, one person has to wade into the lake and scoop salt off the bottom using a basket, and then haul the salt back to shore. When you've hauled back enough to fill a big bucket, you're done. As Jonathan wades into the dark pink water, Victoria yells a reminder to him that although there are floating platforms with already-harvested salt on them, he's not allowed to use any of that. He needs to bring it up from the bottom. For some reason, Jonathan seems to be starting by trying to scoop up salt with his...chest, or something, so that's all quite mysterious. His physique is not quite that powerful. But eventually he figures out that you just stand up, reach down, and scrape salt up from the bottom. He returns and empties his basket into the bucket.

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