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Jonathan stops at a group of little children and hands out candy. Victoria thinks he would make a great dad. He says they've already picked out the names of their future children. I'm sure it's true. Allow me a moment; the last three meals I've eaten are simultaneously working their way back up my esophagus, and I need to lie down.

Spazpants arrives at the drying tables and heads over to pick up the fish baskets, which look like they indeed weigh a ton. "Big side up, tail out," Jonathan says of the proper arranging method for the fish, also describing the way he will someday sleep in prison.

Hornio arrives at the Detour, along with Kris and Jon, Hayden and Aaron, and Nuance. But when Nuance tries to pay their cab driver the agreed-upon $30, he starts agitating for $40. These teams all take the stacking, and when Bolo and Lori get a look at the rough seas that would be involved in the fishing, they make the call for stacking as well. Don and MJ, however, head out on the rough-looking water, as do Gus and Hera.

Freddy and Kendra are still being followed around by their driver, who wants ten more dollars. "You have plenty," Freddy says as the guy continues to follow. "You've got enough for one full day of work, now, I don't want to hear any more, that's enough." I really wish he would stick with the fact that $30 is what they agreed to, because how much it is overall really, really, really isn't the issue, especially if you're going to crow about the fact that the guy only makes $30 a day, which is somewhere in the vicinity of $8000 a year. It's not like the guy is trying to get money to put gold plating on his swimming pool. But that's apparently not enough anyway. "You make more than that in one day than you do in a whole year!" Kendra adds. Which...makes no sense, but I think it was supposed to be that the cab driver made more money from them than he does in an average...year? That's offensive and irrelevant and not true. 0-for-3, sweetheart.

Spazpants at the drying table notes the arrival of Kris and Jon, who each carry a basket of fish over to the table so they can get started. Lori and Bolo and Hayden and Aaron arrive shortly, along with Nuance. "Is it super-heavy?" Kendra asks as she...doesn't carry anything. "Yeah," Freddy says quickly. Lori and Bolo just carry the baskets on their heads. When Hornio arrives, they carry a basket between them, each holding one handle. Goofs. Believe it or not, Nuance's cab driver isn't through yet, and continues to harass them. "You're sticking around for ten dollars," Freddy says. "Ten dollar here, five dollar here, they want to rip us off all the time," Kendra complains. Lovely. Arrange the fish, dear. Eventually, someone comes over and shoos away the driver so that they can get to work. "That was hell," Freddy says with an extra helping of hyperbole. "I know it was hell," Kendra says sympathetically. Yeah. Hell -- if by "hell" you mean, "an unpleasant encounter with the pesky service industry." ["I guess they're not so familiar with the nuances of taking taxis." -- Sars]

Spazpants bickers over the arranging of the fish, and then he notes that Kris and Jon are catching up. You know, as they do. "Good job, baby, keep goin'," Jon says as Kris bends over the table. Elsewhere, Bolo tells Lori hers are faced the wrong way. She screeches that they aren't. "That's a smell that'll wake you up in the morning," Rebecca says with mock cheerfulness as she empties a bucket of fish onto a table. They, and Hayden and Aaron, soldier on.

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