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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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Despite the fact that we know Michael is not crazy about this task himself, he seems to put that aside as he realizes that Flo is not okay. "I'll be right by your side, Flo," he tells her. He tells her not to worry about what's at the bottom, just look at the rope and don't worry. Meanwhile, Teri and Ian are preparing to come down next. "What happens if that undoes?" Teri asks ungrammatically. "You fall," Ian tells her. She looks around nervously. "Maybe we should have walked," she sighs. Heh.

Tense music plays as Flo tries to start the descent. "Aaah-eeh-eeh-eeh," she half-sobs. "Flo, you're okay," Michael says to her. "I can't put my other foot down, Michael," she wails. He tries to get her to look at him, but she won't. He tells her he's scared, too, but she just begs to be pulled back up. "Just put another foot down. The rope is safe. The rope is safe," Michael continues. And you know what's funny? He's suddenly dropped all that unbelievably affected, slurring, Benicio del Toro nonsense, which is how you know it's all a big fat act. I have to say, it would be nice if Michael were this guy all the time, rather than burying this guy under that other guy. Because that other guy is a pain in the ass, as well as an enormous bore. None of his valiant efforts, however, work on Flo, who continues to cry even harder. "You gonna quit?" Zach asks her, a little incredulous. She wails incoherently. "Mweeeeaaaaah, ha-ha," she sobs. "Aw, shoot," Zach mutters, I think genuinely surprised at the fact that it's gone this far.

Commercials. It's surprising how fast we all got over Jerry Seinfeld, isn't it? He's like Alan Alda now. "Oh, yeah. He was on TV once."

Flo scrambles back up the cliff, backing out for good. "Forget it. You tried it, you know?" Zach says, half-reassuringly, but half-disappointed as well. He says they can go take the walk and relax, but his frustration is pretty evident. As I said, I have a feeling this is not exactly a new experience for Zach, with the crying and the moaning. As they take off walking, they pass Teri and Ian. "You guys didn't go?" Ian snots. "Good luck," he says, and sticks out his hand, only to have to pull it back when no one shakes it. Heh. When they're gone, Ian comments to the camera that he and Teri can get ahead, because the rappel won't take as long as the walk.

Ah, here come the stragglers -- the train-taking, Santa-Apolonia-visiting Band of Brothers and Firecop. Ken and Gerard read the clue and pick the rappel.

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