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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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At 4:00 PM, a half hour after FloZach got off the train in Cascais, the Band of Brothers and the following Firecop do the same. All look for taxis.

John Vito makes his way to the bottom of the cliff. Arianne notes that in spite of this development, there is "no sign of Aaron." Up on the cliff, Aaron Helmet-Cams that his rope is caught. I don't actually want this to end in a horrible accident, of course, because that would be wrong. But I wouldn't mind seeing him dangle there for a week or so, I must admit. Someone could bring him water and crackers. I would even let him read a magazine.

Jill starts the rappel. John Vito yells up to her that she shouldn't look down, but should just keep her eyes on her feet. Arianne stares up at the cliff, waiting for some sign of life from her flagging partner. Jill, by contrast, has only one comment about the rappel: "It's too slow!" I think she actually wishes they had just let her do a big swan dive off the top. She's like, "What, am I gonna break or something, just from hitting the ground at 90 miles an hour?"

Michael voices over, as he and Kathy prepare to rappel, that he's taken "the coward's way out" of all the Detours. I don't actually count either the WaveRunner/kayak, the punt/bike, or the truck/boat Detours as Reckless/Chicken anyway, so it's really just the skydiving that he sort of chickened out of prior to this, but he seems determined to balance the scales.

In the Teri/Hat cab, she excitedly says, "Oh, my God, I'm gonna rappel!" Ian looks bored by the fact that his wife is talking again.

Arianne encourages Aaron as he finally concludes his lengthy sojourn on the ropes. He kisses the cliff, of course. Oh, he would. The cliff has no comment. Aahab goes over and opens the clue. It tells them to take one of the marked cars and drive themselves to the marine port in Algeciras, Spain. Phil Phills in that the drive is about 250 miles. When they get to Algeciras, they'll need to catch a ferry to Tangier, Morocco. By the way, Arianne is wearing a peppy pink shirt that says "Lower East Side." Not being from the Lower East Side myself, I can't really speak with authority, but it seems to me that there's something incongruous about a peppy pink shirt that says "Lower East Side." Could be just me. ["It isn't. Shut up, shirt." -- Sars]

Back at the Death Cliffs, Jill is all done. She and Jon Bon Vito read the clue and high-five. I think they like the idea of Morocco.

Oh, good grief. Here comes FloZach toward the edge of the cliff. "What happens if we get detached?" she says, foreshadowing the possible end of their relationship that seems likely if she doesn't stop griping. "You're not gonna get detached," says a bored Zach, utterly on autopilot as she works her way through her typical I-don't-want-to routine. It appears on the famous album Flo's Greatest Hits. If you play that album backwards, by the way, you can hear her agree to take on all tasks with an upbeat, positive attitude. Anyway, as she receives instructions on how to rappel, Flo falls on her butt very gently, and instead of laughing, the way most people would, she gives a little scream. This is what makes me think that as scared as she might have been by the rappel, she also worked herself into that particular freak-out by winding herself up for ten minutes ahead of time. It's funny -- it's a little more of an analytical leap than I normally like to make, but it seems like they have this dynamic where she puts herself in situations where she'll need him to do something -- reassure her, carry something for her, whatever -- and constantly having him fulfill whatever that expectation is seems to then make her feel better. It just feels, in this uncomfortable way, like a series of little tests of his patience. It's either that or she's just very naturally whiny. Zach now chuckles with the guide as he speculates about how Flo will lose it when she sees the actual cliff. From that, I sort of concluded that he's been here with her before -- she freaks out about things (she actually didn't want to skydive either, originally), but then she eventually does them. I suspect that's why he wasn't quicker to take seriously the fact that she wasn't going to be able to do this. She starts out over the edge. "Is this a joke?" she barks. "This is a fucking joke," she declares. Michael, preparing to go down at the same time she does, eyes her warily.

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