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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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Don't read 'em and weep

Aahab is beginning the rappel just as they note the arrival of JVJ. Arianne starts down first, and -- whoa. That is a big-ass cliff, as is underscored by the distorted Big-Ass Cliff Theme. Aaron yells out, "Arianne, I love you!" "I love you!" she yells back. "Be safe!" he adds. If that didn't make it sound like he thinks she's going to die and he's going to have to scrape her off the ground and carry her around in a stylish leather bag for the rest of the race, it would be cute. If she didn't spend so much time whining and moaning and bitching about other people, I'd probably find her a bit of an ass-kicker herself. She certainly doesn't seem to hesitate much in getting down the side of the cliff.

FloZach approaches the clue. They grab it, and he wants to rappel. She resists, just as she did with the skydiving, if you recall. He persists. I swear, the pitch that is reached by her whining in this scene is so overwhelming that you really cannot possibly hope to appreciate it unless you either hear it, or have previously heard owls being punched. If you've been present when owls were punched, imagine it being something like that, but more so. She says that she doesn't want to, it's too hard, she's too nervous, it's too other words, step aside, Hooty McHoot, somebody is coming around with a mean left hook.

Weird screechy music takes us back to the Death Cliffs, where Arianne continues to work her way down the mountain. Can I just note again that that's a big-ass cliff? In fact, because it is, I'm going to refrain from even picking on her for going, "Woo!" even though she does. Again. Some more. The drums pound. In fact, I haven't heard drums pounding like that very often, except in modern dance performances. As Aaron straps on his Helmet-Cam and other gear, he admits that he's a bit scared. Arianne: "Woo!" She reaches the bottom, declaring that it was "so much fun." Well, sure! How can you not have fun, with all that "Woo!"?

Michael and Kathy open the clue. "You want to rappel?" he asks.

Aaron and John Vito prepare to rappel next to each other. "I'm scared shitless right now, Vito," Aaron says. They take off. A very unflattering picture of Aaron from the Helmet-Cam (which, like all pictures from the Helmet-Cam, makes him look like a cartoon character) shows him saying, "I can't believe I'm doing this."

Teri and Ian read the clue, and they decide to rappel.

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