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The Band of Brothers is formulating its strategy, which is to go all the way back to Santa Apolonia to the train station. Meanwhile, FloZach asks a friendly local and is informed that you can catch a train to Cabo da Roca five hundred meters away. Wow, Band of Brothers, that's two, two, two bad ideas in one! Firecop is close behind, following the BoBs just about the only time they've ever been wrong, and therefore riding comfortably in a sleeper compartment on the Poetic Justice Express. All aboard! Woo-woo!

2:34 PM. Teri and the Hatless. "Where are we going, Teri?" he asks as they walk off with the clue. "The westernmost part of the continent," she says simply, because obviously she doesn't have the westernmost point in continental Europe on the tip of her tongue any more than he does. He fails to shut up. "Where are we going?" he asks her again, just like she didn't just answer him. Jerk. As he bugs her, she starts to go back for part of the clue she dropped, but when it turns out that it's not anything they need, she leaves it there. Because surely someone will come along and clean up after them, so why bother picking up the crap they just threw on the ground. They're just both such lovely and considerate people. They snarl at each other some, and then she voices over that after twenty-one years, she has learned when to tell him to shut up. Apparently this means that his behavior to this point has not motivated her to send that message. That is a head-scratcher indeed. They walk along, with him a couple of steps behind her. "You're not zipped," he complains, looking at the back of her backpack. "You're not zipped," he repeats in a monotone. "Then ZIP IT," she says pointedly. Heh. Don't think for one minute Teri didn't know exactly what she was doing there. They stop a friendly woman getting into her car, and she knows right where they need to go. See, Firecop? You could've at least tried asking someone. Everyone knows right where it is! Sigh. Teri and Ian figure out the distance to Cabo da Roca, and Ian says they need a taxi.

2:36 PM. Jill and John Vito. She voices over that he doesn't call the shots, and neither does she -- they call the shots as a team. If he tried to call any shots without her, of course, she would break him in half and chew up the pieces. It's just a guess. They get a taxi, and their cab driver gives them the good word that they're looking for Cabo da Roca. They ask him whether there's a train that would be faster, and he says no. (Of course, it's not such a good idea to ask your cabbie that question -- what are the odds he's going to say yes and put you off the cab? I'm not sure cab drivers are reliable feeders for efficient public transportation.)

FloZach are at the Belem train station, and they get directions to take the train from there to Cabo da Roca. They get on the train.

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