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2:31 PM. Flo and Zach. "Zach has gotten a lot better at dealing with my emotions during this trip," she says, taking the truly remarkable position that it was his reactions, and not her constant whining, that was causing a problem. Besides, I don't think it's her emotions that are the problem. I think it's her whining and complaining, which is a little different.

2:32 PM. Derek and Drew. And as an Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster (EEFP) pointed out, you can see the green Fast Forward clue in their hands as they open the envelope, so you know this was a leg where they got the FF right at the beginning, meaning the FF task was probably in Portugal. (Thanks, EEFP!) And what that means is that you can't fault anyone down the line for not taking the FF when know, got pathetically far behind and lost their marbles. If you know what I mean, and I know that you do. The Twins voice over that they feel confident because of their "brotherhood" with the Bald Snark. As they approach, Gerard jumps up and runs over to greet them. He explains that he and Ken have figured out where it is. "We have to take a bus or a train," he tells them. Nooo! Maybe he ran into the Tunisian Estrogen Brigade. Welcome to a Classic Racer Lesson: Never take a bus or a train when a taxi might be available. Especially since the money announced for this leg was $500. That must be an expensive ferry to Morocco later. Either that, or they're trying to encourage a lot of expensive debauchery. Hey, there's an idea! I love debauchery! Anyway, Gerard talks in an interview about their great and high-functioning alliance. Right at the moment, that would be the great and high-functioning alliance that's doing exactly what they should not be doing, but I suppose that's neither here nor there.

2:33 PM. Firecop. They read the clue and instantly decide they have no idea what to do. As they explain in an interview, they have a strategy for just this situation: Follow Someone. Well, they call it "stay with the pack," but really? It's Follow Someone. It's an okay strategy, though risky, and it's not rule-breaking at all. Still, it sort of makes me like them less. And that's particularly because they look like they don't even try very hard to figure out what's going on. They just decide they have no idea, and they get right down to the following. Man, even Wil and Tara tried to recreate their clue before getting to "Follow that plane!" time.

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