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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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Gerard starts the Roadblock first. As he starts looking in the vats of dye, he opines that he may get sick, presumably from the smell. He is soon joined by Damon. Just as Gerard finds the clue, Derek arrives. Derek and Damon hunt for the clue, and Damon is first to find it.

The Aahab ferry arrives. Aaron and Arianne's shadows are really, really short as they run off the boat, and they're almost straight forward, where the arrivers from the 7:00 AM ferry had long ones stretched way out to the side when they ran down the thing, so I guess it could be that the 9:00 AM thing was misleading and it's later than I think. On balance, though, I still think they made the 9:00 AM. I guess we won't know until after the Country Music Awards. I hate the Country Music Awards, by the way. And not only because of the hats. I do have other criteria, you know. But the point is that Aahab gets off the big boat.

Ken and Gerard and Firecop read the clue that sends them to the pit stop, which is on the rooftop of the Borj Nord. Phil explains that it's yet another fortress. Man, this season certainly is a Fortress Tour. This is our third straight castle/fortress. Is there some security problem they'd like me to know about? Are we afraid of the Visigoths? The Bald Snark can't figure out where the Borj Nord is, so it appears that they hire a taxi that they can follow. Firecop is close behind. In the tannery, Derek finally finds the clue and they get going.

The Bald Snark is first to the pit stop flags. Firecop is right behind. They run to the mat, and Ken and Gerard get there first. I particularly like the fact that when they see Phil, Ken and Gerard continue running, but they yell, "Hey! Phil!" Heh heh. They land on the mat, and Phil tells them they're in first place. And what do they say? "YAAAY!" He also tells them that they've won some cheap-ass digital cameras. I'm sorry to ruin the fun, but Kodak Easy-Shares? Meh.

Firecop approaches Phil. They're team number two. They did pretty well moving up this week.

Next, we see Aahab sucking it up at the travel agency, signing up for the bus.

Twins land on the mat. Welcome, Derek and Drew, you are team number three.

Back at the tannery, Jill opens the Roadblock clue, which makes reference to the person who does it having "a keen sense of direction and a not-so-keen sense of smell." "You want to do it? 'Cause it might be something eating," she says. Heh. John Vito agrees to do it. Teri sends Ian in with very little discussion. Heh. Flo forces the Roadblock on Zach, just as she always does. He's done all of them, and she never seems to show any willingness to do them at all. She's all over the "you do it" thing.

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