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FloZach does not look happy on the ferry to Tangier. Ian looks miserable as usual, but at least Teri is smiling. They arrive and open the clue. Meanwhile, back in Spain somewhere, Michael and Kathy pay for their vehicle repairs and head out. They say they're just heading for Morocco and hoping for the best. Which I guess is all you can do after you spend the night at a nice hotel, treat yourselves to breakfast, and get your car back.

FloZach, Teri and the Hat, and JVJ wind up on the second charter, which causes JVJ no end of annoyance.

Meanwhile, all the way back at Algeciras (heh heh), Aaron and Arianne are looking for the boat. "This is one bitter team," Aaron says. "We went from happy and excited to bitter and jaded. In twenty-four hours." Now, see, they're so tired that they're not nearly as muggy and obnoxious as they usually are. That actually was a tiny bit funny, and if he were more like that more of the time and less like...well, less like he usually is, I would be able to tolerate him much more easily. They go inside, and are told that a ferry to Tangier just left. The big sign in the window says "9:00," though, so I think they're going to make a 9:00 AM ferry, which will put them only an hour behind JVJ, FloZach, and Teri and the Hat, and only two hours behind the lead teams. They got very, very lucky with that middle-of-the-night rescue insurance company crap.

Commercials. No matter how hectic your life is, there's always instant coffee to remind you that things could be a lot worse.

At Algeciras, Aaron and Arianne buy tickets for what looks to be the 9:00 AM ferry. Somewhere else, quite possibly hours later, Michael and Kathy approach the ferry port.

Fez. The BoB/Firecop bus arrives. Everyone clambers out. TAR gets its usual "crowded chaotic streets of this hectic marketplace" vibe going as the cameramen squeeze through little alleyways in the area where the Roadblock will happen. The Roadblock clue tells the chosen teammate to "race through the streets of this ancient marketplace" and find a particular tannery, where there are giant vats of dye. In one of those vats, the Roadblocker will find the clue. Phil also says that the dye is "foul-smelling," and I haven't heard anything nice this week about the way tanneries smell from people who have experienced them, so Phil probably has a point. Gerard, Damon, and Derek take the Roadblock for their teams. They all wind up using the local kids who are swarming around as guides -- Firecop is shown giving them some money for the assist, and it's not clear whether the other teams do or not. Damon says that he doesn't mind paying for the navigator services, and it's a help to the kids to get the work, which seems reasonable enough to me.

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