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FloZach's cab is fixed. As soon as it's fixed, Flo jumps into Zach's arms. Yeesh. She really is one of those "fun when everything's good, but no fun otherwise" sorts of girls, I think. She voices over that Zach has "taken [her] under his wing." Yuck. That's not a friend expression. That's a college professor expression, and even then, it's gross.

As Ian and Teri's unleaded seeps into the local water supply, they refill their tank with what is presumably diesel. Ian voices over about carrying on, blah dee blah. Teri says that the fact that Ian managed to drain the gas tank is "cool." I guess it is if you compare it to weeping by the side of the road until you're rescued. And if you're not part of the local ecosystem.

Michael and Kathy go into the hotel to spend the night, and decide they'll deal with the car in the morning. WHAT? Seriously, I think these people need tougher pit stops. They've come to feel normal about sleeping in fancy places, and you should not sleep in fancy places during the race.

In the Twincar, Derek says they're hoping the other teams aren't out in front of them. They drive by Aaron and Arianne, who are sitting on the curb, waving at passing cars and attempting to be amusing. The twins notice that Aahab is there, but they do not stop. Duh. Dude, Aaron's karma is a bitch. It doesn't seem ready to completely do him in yet, but it's certainly batting him around like a kitten with a ball of yarn. He gets a break, though, when a police car pulls over.

Michael and Kathy get settled in the hotel, discussing how they'll have the car towed to a mechanic in the morning. It sounds like they never made the connection between having just put gas in the car and the car suddenly dying. Very interesting. Michael says that he thinks "it might be something really small that they can just adjust." He makes a little twisting motion with his hand that is apparently the international symbol for "adjust." Basically, Michael has no clue what's wrong with the car, but he thinks his chances at Fortuitous Hotel Overnight Nookie are better if he acts like he does. Heh. And indeed, Kathy says he showed his "vulnerability," so I guess it worked. I guess the theory here is that when chicks say they want to see your vulnerability, it just means they want you to act like you know about cars. Interestingly, when they're in the hotel room, Michael says that they're "not going to give up." When it sort of looks like that's what they just did.

Aahab is told by the friendly policeman that the car they're using is insured by (no lie) Lusitania. Snerk. A trustworthy and problem-free name for a company. It reminds me of a restaurant that was a couple of towns over when I was in college, which was called "Antigoni's." A friend of mine used to always yell out, "Antigoni's! Where every meal is a tragedy!" Friendly Policeman tells Aahab that the insurance company will come and pay for the car to be fixed. After they screwed it up by putting the wrong gas in it? They don't have to pay anything? That is wrong. Totally cheap and unfair. They just gave this team probably a couple hundred bucks for free, because they blew it. I swear, if this team wins, there are going to be about eight asterisks next to the victory for all the times they've had their asses saved by something that never should have happened.

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