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Michael and Kathy? Still in the parking lot. "We're done," he says sadly. He says the car is "a piece of crap." The car is like, "Hey, you're blaming me? The door says 'DIESEL,' buddy. I don't run on unleaded, I don't run on mayonnaise, and I don't run on compost. DIESEL. If that's too complicated for you, you should ride a bike." Kathy says that this is the first time she's seen Michael angry on this trip. This is angry? My goodness. He's still barely audible.

FloZach arrives at the gas station. "This is where miracles are made," he says. Really? At the gas station? Wow. I've been spending way too much time...well, everywhere else. The gas station guy arranges for a tow truck guy to come and talk to FloZach.

Algeciras. Damon and Andre are the first team to get there.

At the garage of the FloZach mechanic (who apparently works in the middle of the night, which strikes me as a trifle unusual), they are waiting for their car to be fixed. "This is over. This is very over," Flo whines. She says they should quit. "I just don't feel like dealing with this all night." Man, what a whiner. I personally think there should be a rule that as soon as you say you want to quit, you just are teleported to the mat and Philiminated. I cannot stand watching people complain about how much they want to quit. Zach, understanding bunching as he does, says he's sure they'll make it to the ferry -- but Flo cuts him off, saying it will take forever, and she's afraid to ride in the car for fear it will "explode." Explode? Not bloody likely, there, Flo. There's a weird sense in which her whining here seems very unconvincing, like she almost knows there's nothing to whine about, but she's just whining so he'll reassure her, or whining so he'll treat her nicely, or whatever. She just sounds like she's laboring to find ways to whine more. Zach voices over that the way she whines and wants to quit isn't exactly a barrel of laughs for him. He tells her everything will be fine.

At the gas station where Ian and Teri are, he tells the guy behind the counter that he put gasoline in the car, and he asks for a siphon hose, which the guy produces. Next, over some Scarecrow and Mrs. King-style spy music, Ian climbs under the car and breaks into the fuel line. Now what's nice about this, of course, is that he dumps their entire tank of unleaded gas onto the highway. I'm sure the local environment really appreciates that. You can almost see the little Spanish frogs climbing up out of local ponds and sputtering, "What in the hell was that?" I also wouldn't be surprised if dumping a tank full of gas isn't so much a legal maneuver.

At Algeciras, a bored Firecop is greeted by the arriving Jill and John Vito. Everyone discusses the fact that no ferries are going to be leaving for a little while.

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