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The Band of Brothers is flying along also. "On the road to Algeciiiiiiras!" Kenny sings. "Just shush, would ya?" Gerard asks, peering at the map. Hee hee.

FloZach is broken down on the shoulder. Zach gets an idea, and goes around to look at the fuel tank door. He notes that on the inside, it says "DIESEL." Oops. Teri opens the tank of the Teri/Hat car, and finds the same thing. She slams it shut with some understandable frustration. Ian declares that they've just blown the race. You know, I haven't seen a team speculate about being eliminated this much since...well, since Rob and Brennan, and I don't want to think about what that might mean, so do not ask me to. Michael and Kathy, meanwhile, pass the time in the parking lot, wondering what, exactly, they should do. "That's it, that's it," Aaron says, still sitting in the car and literally throwing his hands in the air. "Car's dead, it's one o'clock in the morning, and we're in the middle of nowhere." Way to embrace your can't-do attitude before you've even taken one step outside your vehicle. If he were that ant in the rubber tree plant song, the song would be called "Oh, Forget It." "I don't know what to do," he says as they walk around outside. "I just -- I want to go home." You want to go home? What ever happened to the kick in the ass that you needed? Good grief. Aaron could use several things, but one of them is just...a little moxie, you know? He ponders how much he wants to go home as we go to commercials.

Commercials. Liberty Mutual: Totally Dedicated To Making Teenagers Ponder Their Mortality.

Aaron and Arianne stand on the shoulder and look puzzled. They wave at passing cars. Meanwhile, Ian opens the gas tank door and voices over, "I just didn't know the vehicle took diesel." Well, of course, had he listened to his wife, he would have known this, but hey, why would you listen to the navigator? You're the pilot! What does the navigator know about fueling the tank? Fueling the tank is the pilot's job! They walk along the shoulder, as he says that if they can get the gas drained out, they can maybe get going again. FloZach also decides to hike for a gas station. She comments that she thinks it might not be a particularly safe thing to do, the walking, and as they take off, a wolf howls his agreement in the distance. "Great," she spits. Oh, come on. They won't really get eaten. If they got eaten, it would have been in the previews.

Aaron is sitting on the curb, bawling. Arianne is stroking his neck. Because what else can she do? He's bawling, after all. And he doesn't really seem like the type to respond well to a "buck up, little camper" speech. Cry, cry, cry. Rub, rub, rub. "I am so humiliated right now!" he weeps. Well...God, now you are.

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