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The Acoustic Guitar Of Time Passing twangs in the background as day turns into sunset, and sunset turns to night. In the Aahab cab, Aaron says, "Right now, we need to stop somewhere and fuel up." The music does not go "dun dun dun," but it should. "This little baby," he says merrily, "she needs a nice batch of unleaded." Can you believe he actually said that? Way to wave a red flag in front of the Fuel Gods, man.

Firecop pulls in to get gas. When Andre opens the fuel tank door, Damon points to it and notes that it says "DIESEL." "It does?" Andre says, looking for himself. Indeed it does. Meanwhile, John Vito and Jill also go in search of a fill-up. They note also that the tank door says "DIESEL."

Aahab, at the gas station. "I think it's 'without lead,'" she says. "'Sin plomo.'" They stick the nozzle in their tank. I don't know who in the hell came up with this Noise Of Psychotic Possessed Fuel Tanks Of Doom that they use here, but it is absolutely hilarious. It sounds like wind chimes on PCP. Elsewhere, Michael says that he had trouble explaining that he needed unleaded gas. He puts the bad green nozzle in, too, but instead of Acid Wind Chimes, he gets Ominous Rumbling.

Teri and Ian pull into a station. Teri sees that there's a spot for diesel and a spot for regular. "We're not diesel, are we?" she asks. "No," Ian says, without checking or wondering or taking her seriously or anything. Man, welcome to the Schadenfreude Follies. He goes for the green nozzle. This time, it's a sort of Rolling Cymbal-Enhanced Rumbling.

And now for something completely different -- Ken and Gerard are happily progressing toward Algeciras. They explain that they've put gas in the SUV (apparently successfully), and Gerard got a sandwich. "Gerard needs his sandwich," Kenny notes. "Well, I'm hungry! I have to eat!" Gerard says.

Derek and Drew tell us that the Bald Snark has the map and is in the lead. They also say they wish they themselves were doing the leading. Ew, why? I'm sorry, but I would trust Ken and Gerard to guide me a lot more than Derek and Drew, so I don't know why they'd want to lead themselves. Oh, and Drew is wearing his geek glasses. Mmm, geek glasses. He notes that they got "some diesel." Not too stupid, those twins.

In the Aahab cab, Aaron notes that now they "have [their] gas," so all is well. As he says this, though, he suddenly notes that the car is behaving strangely. Hmm, what a surprise!

Zach fills up the FloZach tank, and he fills it with...unleaded. But the music guy is tired, because all Zach gets is a barely perceptible jangle of doom.

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