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What Happens If I Slip? Am I Just Hanging Off A Cliff?

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Don't read 'em and weep

Firecop reaches the Detour and chooses the rappel. Teri finishes the rappel, and she's very excited, but an impatient Ian is standing over at the clue box looking annoyed. "There are teams ahead of us, we've got to move," he says in his I Am The Pilot And You Are The Navigator voice. Can you believe that Frank is what used to pass for Loud and Pushy on this show?

Aahab is in their SUV, excited about the fact that they're in first place. Woo!

The Bald Snark is at the rappel, and Gerard is first to go. As he leaves, he says to Ken, "Ken, I love you. And if you don't do this, I'm going to break your ass." Break your ass? Now that's gotta hurt. How would you sit down? Firecop is starting the Detour as well, and Damon assures the trainer that he knows a bit about rappelling, because he does it for the fire department. Elsewhere, Derek and Drew read the clue and choose the rappel also.

As Damon completes the rappel, FloZach appears, having finished their grueling walk. Wow, this Detour really didn't work very well, because the walk didn't take all that much longer than the rappel. After all, the Bald Snark and FloZach arrived at Cascais a half-hour apart, and FloZach lost time dicking around at the rappel, and they're still beating the fellas at finishing the Detour. That probably means that the walk isn't more than about twenty minutes longer than the rappel, and that is not nearly long enough. There should be a reward for taking the Reckless half of Reckless/Chicken, and it should be more than twenty minutes. Flo looks up long enough to yell, "Come on, Kenny!", which is nice of her. As Kenny continues down, Gerard yells up at him, "Just pretend there's a dozen glazed donuts at the bottom!" A funny editor takes us right to a shot of Kenny speeding down the side of the cliff, right past Andre. At the bottom, the Helmet-Cam catches him going, "Holy shit!" And also showing off that Letterman-esque front-teeth gap. Firecop and the Bald Snark wind up grabbing the next clue at about the same time.

Aahab trundles along in their SUV toward Algeciras, talking about how happy they are to still be in the race, when twelve hours ago they thought they were eliminated. Oh, hey, telephone call for Aahab. It's Hubris Records, offering them a deal recording a cover of "We Are The Champions." Jill and John Vito are on their way as well, as are Michael and Kathy. Mike says he's "seen worse days on the Race." Sigh.

Derek and Drew are finishing up the rappel, meaning they've slipped to last place. They grab the clue and get going, just as Firecop does the same.

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