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Brian and Greg get to the airport and go up to the ticket counter. They time-check that it's roughly 9:20 or 9:25 as they stand at the counter, and they're hoping nobody else manages to get on the plane. And clearly, the plane is already delayed, because in most cases, particularly where you have to check your bags, you're not going to find yourself able to check in on a flight that's actually going to leave at 9:30 if you show up at the ticket counter at 9:25.

Elsewhere, Amber luxuriates in the back of the car, actually stretching her arm over her head as she talks about how the other teams would "die" if Rob and Amber caught up to them after taking a four-hour penalty. "Who cares about any of them?" Rob asks, and I do indeed wish she were more able to take that attitude, because I think he fairly genuinely does. "They hate the fact that we're doing well," Amber notes. Probably true, but...again, it's never a good idea to be thinking too hard about what other people are thinking too hard about. "The other teams love us," Rob counters. "They're strivin' to be like us." But unsurprisingly, he cannot even choke this out with a straight face, because he is not serious and this is shtick. Which, if Patrick and Lynn and Alex and some other people could figure it out, would reduce the level of stupidity and hypocritical moralizing in the season by about 95 percent.

At the airport, the four lead teams are getting on the 9:30 AM plane, talking about how they had to check their luggage, because the plane was so small. As they get on the plane, Lynn is already loudly chicken-counting about how the plane is carrying only people who ate the meat, despite the fact that he, of course, did not eat jack. "It just goes to show that if you want to win this race, you can't give up on anything, and that's why we're on the first flight," Kelly snots in a voice-over. Which is idiotic, obviously, because the people who skipped the meat are not all going to be eliminated, so evidently there will be teams that will get a chance to go on who didn't eat the meat. It's very unfortunate when people get ahead of themselves. Especially when they don't seem that...speedy to begin with.

And here come Rob and Amber in their car, with him saying as they approach the airport, "There's a chance we can still get on this flight. I hope it's still here." So presumably it's somewhere in the vicinity of 9:30 or just after. They go inside, and he says, "9:30? Please? Please?" The guy tells them yes, they can get on the plane. They thank him profusely, and Rob chuckles up that the "very nice people are going to hold the flight" for them. Indeed, as often happens on this show in the case of plane-holding and other requests for favor, the kindness of service people is going to pay off big-time. Rob and Amber run for the plane. (The angelic intervention of service personnel is one of my favorite traditions, incidentally, dating back to the first season, when it appeared that a ticket agent actually bumped people off of a plane to make room for racing teams.)

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