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Horses, horses, horses, horses

Speaking of which, here come Ron and Kelly and Greg and Brian, on the road toward the ranch. But Ron and Kelly take the appropriate exit, while Brian and Greg elect...not to. Thus do Ron and Kelly arrive at the Roadblock in third place. Kelly seems downright cheery about doing the horses, and Ron snarks that he got to eat four pounds of food yesterday, and she gets to ride a horse, which hardly seems fair. Joyce is still working on the horse, as her husband -- who declares himself "proud of her" before she finishes the task rather than after, when it doesn't mean as much -- says he knows how scared she is. But he assures us that Joyce's "competitive nature" will overcome, and she'll get the Roadblock done. He continues to encourage her as he sees Ron and Kelly approaching. Joyce finally finishes, and she's so happy that she almost manages to get herself thrown off the horse during her own celebration. Ohhh, that would be sad. But after she recovers, she and Uchenna both laugh, because even after the experience she just had being thrown off the horse at least twice, they still have their senses of humor intact. "You are amazing," he says, giving her a huge hug and kiss before they read their clue. You know, I don't know what they think is wrong with their relationship, but I diagnose them with a severe case of chronic healthyitis. I'm sure their situation has been hugely hard on their marriage just like they say, but they just kind of ooze love in this awesome way. They leave for the airport in second place.

Brian and Greg slowly realize they have missed the exit, and they turn back. (I try really hard not to laugh at the driving one saying he'll "whip it around." I try to outgrow junior high school, I really do.) Anyway, the boys are not getting the best possible start on No Mistakes Day. Similarly, Rob and Amber are momentarily lost on the way to the Horseblock. "I hate bein' lost," Rob complains, apparently to differentiate himself from all of the people who enjoy it.

Kelly finishes the Horseblock, and they rip their clue. Then Brian and Greg arrive just as Ron and Kelly are leaving. It's all entirely good-natured between these two teams, because neither of them contains enough moxie to make a fuss -- Brian and Greg are too mellow, and Ron and Kelly are too painfully polite. Mostly to each other. Greg and Brian open the clue at the Horseblock, and...Brian, I think? Yeah, Brian takes the Roadblock.

Mendoza Airport. Lynn and Alex make it up to the ticket counter and grab tickets on the 9:30 AM flight.

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