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As Lynn and Alex await their replacement boat, Phil gives the usual patter regarding the fact that if a vehicle breaks down and it isn't your fault, you'll get a new one, but you won't get a time credit "for this unlucky situation." Lynn and Alex finally get their new boat and take off. Uchenna and Joyce are still looking, and Ron and Kelly are the first to find the island. They get the pit stop clue, and Kelly gives a hoot of victory. Oddly, as Uchenna and Joyce hunt for the boat, they instead find the island. Now, in the past, I'm almost sure there was a rule that you had to return to the clue box and -- I think they called it "re-declare" or something -- if you were going to take the other Detour option from the one you initially chose. But like a lot of rules that may have only ever existed in the sunlight-speckled forest of my imagination, that one seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird, because Uchenna and Joyce are apparently free to take the island clue over which they have stumbled. They head back toward the dock. Alex and Lynn find the island flag next, as they note that they've had a rough day with the boat and so forth. I'm telling you, it's the gloating before the wheels are up. Never, never engage in pre-gloating. It's an enormous red flag waving in front of the angry bull that is your karma. Alex and Lynn wind up getting a cab before Uchenna and Joyce, however, so not everything is working against them.

In the Rob and Amber cab, he is delighting in how they have this way of getting lucky at certain key moments. "Luck has always been on my side," he grins. "It's like I was born with a horseshoe." He pauses. "Right up my ass," he adds. Hee. Greg and Brian are near the pit stop, too, and they really would like to be first, understandably. Because they haven't yet won the ability to travel together and maybe meet some more chicks. But when we go to the mat and Phil and the greeter, it's...well, it's Rob and Amber stepping on the mat first. They excitedly hug and punch each other. They also find out that they've won a trip to London. Phil asks them about the fact that people had a lot of doubts about the decision to quit yesterday, and Amber basically says that it didn't hurt them any, so, whatever. "That's two trips down, two first places down...more to come." And I'm telling you right now, they are certainly not going to win. If that's a concern of yours, it shouldn't be. This is classic pre-elimination editing, to me, where they show people talking a lot about how great they're doing and how great they're going to do. So if you don't like them? Be of good cheer. Oh, and there they go out of the episode again at the 40-minute mark.

Next to the mat are Greg and Brian. They high-five. "Movin' up the ladder," they comment.

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