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In the Rob and Amber boat, Rob introduces himself to his driver, which is pretty much always a good idea, if you're nice and you're not, you know, Jonathan. Lynn and Alex and Rob and Amber go in opposite directions, for which I am grateful, because I'm already tired of that entire story. "I just distest [sic] them," Lynn says. He hates them so much, he's been reduced to incoherence. Anyway, Uchenna and Joyce get to the docks next. They choose the shipwreck and get in their boat. Ron and Kelly take the island; Brian and Greg take the ship. Everyone in boats.

Lynn and Alex hunt for their island. Elsewhere, Rob and Amber are zinging through the water when there is a loud sound, and Rob announces that "the boat just cracked in half." Apparently, of their two guides, one wants to go, and one wants to turn back. "I'm with Carlos," Rob says. "Let's go." You can just imagine the other guy, hunkered down in the boat all, "Fuckin' Carlos." Lynn and Alex's boat is encountering difficulties as well, but would you like to guess what Alex has to say about that? "At least Amber and Rob are nowhere in sight." Just in case you forgot for three minutes that the only thing they ever think about is racing against Rob and Amber. Speaking of whom, Rob and Amber head into a little inlet, where they find their boat. The guy emerges from the boat to give them their clue, and Rob calls out, "Hey, it's the Old Man and the Sea!" Bet you didn't see that coming. Who knew Rob had read the most boring book in the history of civilization? "Thanks, buddy!" Rob says. He rips the clue, which tells them to take a taxi to the next pit stop. Phil explains that the pit stop is at Argentina's most prestigious polo club, so don't go spooking the horses. And the last team to get there, of course, may be Philiminated. Rob and Amber head back slowly toward the starting point, noting that they're still moving, but their boat is struggling.

Lynn and Alex's boat is also struggling. As a matter of fact, their driver is calling for a new boat entirely. Meanwhile, Uchenna and Joyce are hunting for the boat, as are Greg and Brian -- and the boys go ahead and find the boat and the pit stop clue. Rob and Amber are going very slowly, and as Rob explains, they have to keep it very slow because the boat is apparently genuinely damaged from whatever that "cracked in half" thing was. Rob then explains that because Carlos was so good to them to help with the boat, he'd give him his Red Sox hat. Aww. I'm sure it's not his only one or anything, but still. Pretty cool, and a lot more personal than candy or American flags. In fact, it appears that basically, Rob and Carlos have traded caps. And that is awesome. They get back to shore, and thank their guys profusely, on account of the fact that they got back, and no one died. They get a cab as Greg and Brian do the same.

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