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Previously on Burkina Faso-long, Jason And Lorena: Dancing and mining were the order of the day in Ouagadougou, and Shana and Jennifer shook their groove things (which also were kind of their skeeve things, unfortunately), while Ron and Chris had to wait out a penalty for improper dancing. Africa loved Goths, while nobody loved Nate and Jen, like, at all. When she didn't get first place, Jen briefly implied that perhaps she should have been allowed first place, because nothing satisfies quite like winning through the manipulation of other people's pity. The U-Turn was introduced, and Shana and Jennifer used it on Jason and Lorena, who were already way behind. There wasn't much of an opportunity for Jason and Lorena to catch up, so ultimately, Lorena's horrible job of camel-milking and the delay it produced took them right out of the race. Telling myself that they really did get booted because she wouldn't stop screaming at the camels is almost as satisfying as when I told myself Wil and Tara lost a million dollars because they wouldn't treat a cab-stand attendant like a human being. Seven teams left. Who will be

Credits. Unless I'm hallucinating, before Christina turns her head, you can see a tiny little flicker like, "Oh, boy. My dad. My partner. Whaaat am I doing?"

We begin in Ouagadougou, which is home to very happy children, who I'm sure run through the streets like lunatics screaming with joy all the time, and are not putting this display on for the cameras at all. And here is Hotel DeVille, which is the city hall where the pit stop was. I like the idea of having your city hall at a hotel -- it definitely cuts down on long lunches for dirty purposes if you can stay in the building. Teams (and their chickens) arrived here at the end of the last leg. Phil wonders whether Shana and Jennifer's U-Turn dispute will turn things ugly (or "uglier") between them, and although he usually wonders at least two things, that's apparently the only thing on his mind this time. Phil is ambivalent.

6:45 AM. Azaria and Hendekea. She's wearing a "New Orleans Is For Lovin'" shirt. Aw, heh. The clue tells them to fly to Vilnius, Lithuania. Phil tells us this is more than 3000 miles. When they get there, they'll get in a marked car and drive to St. Anne's Church, where a clue awaits. (My Music Stylist: "I wonder which Ouagadougou-Vilnius flight they'll take: the 8:15 or the 8:45?") Azaria explains to us that usually, he doesn't think he has a temper, but with his sister, he does. We see this in action as he interrupts her efforts to get a taxi, and she basically tells him he can get the damn taxi himself if he can't let her do it without kibitzing. I think this is one of those relationships where she sort of allows him to believe he's bossing her, because it's easier, but she actually puts the brakes on whenever it's going to interfere with what they're doing. I'm not sure he actually runs her as much as he thinks he does.

6:46 AM. Nate and Jen. I get people not being familiar with "Vilnius" or "Ouagadougou," but I'm not thrilled that Nate doesn't seem to know the word "Lithuania." In their interview, Jen is still bitching about not being first. Still. Still bitching. About not being first. She says they will use their "ball of fire" and "rage through." Well, that should be enjoyable, and it will come in handy when they start their metal band. They get a cab right after Azaria and Hendekea do, so both teams are on the way to the airport. In the cab, Nate reads from the clue that in booking the tickets, they are required to use "an official airline ticketing office" this time, so no travel agents. The teams meet up at the airport, where it appears that Air France is about the only game in town, and its office is closed. Azaria and Hendekea want to find internet so they can look at flights, even if they can't buy yet. They make their way into another building, where a woman tells them that there's another Air France office in town. She believes that it opens at 9:00 AM, so they plan to just stay put until then. Jen sits down at a computer to look at flights. That poor lady who let them in is about to have no fun at all. For quite a while.

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