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Brian dashes across the street to get another cab, so at least they aren't just waiting around for one to be called for them, which is to their credit. "My wonderful husband has a heart of gold is what just happened," Ericka says in the back of their cab with a smile. Brian maintains that he didn't give away a cab that wasn't theirs to begin with, but Ericka interviews that she'll have to "keep him in check... I'm more capable of being a dirty player than he is." Let's hope we see that at some point, ever.

The Brothers and the Globetrotters are hurrying on foot to Pikk Herman Tower Garden, the latter team closing the gap when Sam stops for directions. "Stay behind them, we'll just run them down," Big Easy says, which lends credence to a complaint Sam will make later. It's only a loan, though.

Matt reads his clue as " PIK HERMAN TOWER." Either he got bored with heating the whole scroll or a production assistant ran out of lemon juice. Matt picks up Gary on his way out, fully aware they're in last place. After a brief stop for directions, they're off at a run.

Sam and Dan reach the clue box in third place, and opt for volleyball. As do the Globetrotters. "We can spike on volleyball," Big Easy says. Yes, good luck with that. Then both teams are racing for taxis, Big Easy calling out to the bystanders that they're Harlem Globetrotters and therefore can't someone get them a cab? I think he's 61.8% kidding, but it's hard to tell precisely. Sam and Dan manage to get an occupied cab to stop and ask to take it over, but the passenger says, "I can't walk." Still, rather than moving on, Sam offers to order a new one, as Dan notices the Globetrotters closing in. "Go find your own way, gosh dang it," Sam says, not trying to be heard but not really trying not to be, either. Suddenly the Globetrotters break into a run, because another taxi has just pulled into view behind the one the brothers are trying to poach. The brothers rush to stop it, claiming it was called for them by the driver of the cab they were just trying to score. Which is a completely absurd claim; there's no way a taxi could have been summoned so quickly, unless of course it's driven by a Black Head who also has the power of teleportation. The Globetrotters are smart enough not to believe this nonsense, although Flight Time says they can all go together. It's a van, after all. Eight people (counting camera and sound crew) should be able to fit in there just as uncomfortably as four in a regular one. Flight Time is more of a peacemaker than Big Easy, who calls the brothers out on their bullshit right there and adds, "Good try, though." He interviews, "It was our taxi. There was no way they could take it from us." So it's rather an awkward foursome in there on the way to the next Detour. Sam interviews of the Globetrotters, "They're not doing anything for themselves, They're literally just following us. It's just frustrating." You know how everybody has a totally mundane superpower? I'm starting to suspect that Sam's is making exaggerated complaints about Harlem Globetrotters. He'll go to a game someday and everyone in his section will marvel at the one guy rooting for the Washington Generals.

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