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Light a Candle, Don't Curse the Dimness

Down below, two guys are having a spirited fencing match, which, given how close they are to the banquet table, I believe I would object to if I were one of the diners. I'll cut my own meat, thanks. A couple of the other costumed men do separate the duelers when the racers arrive in the room. Cheyne claims a candelabra with #73 on it, while Sam takes #112. They light their candles and start trying doors, seemingly at random. Because why not?

Outside, Gary and Matt catch up to Brian and Ericka outside the Mustpeade, but since the former team has a Speed Bump, it's not like they'll be able to tailgate them through the door anyway. "It is time to sweat the small stuff," Gary reads from their Speed Bump clue. Phil reminds us that Gary and Matt have to do this as a result of coming in last on the previous non-elimination leg. And then we see him stepping into a cobblestone street, with an incongruous sight behind him: a large, coach-style bus, which is about to be boarded by a dude wearing a towel around his waist. Is that Madonna's tour bus or something? "They must find this Saunabuss," Phil explains, which is when I notice the word "Saunabuss" where the destination board usually is, and things begin to make sense again. A little. Phil continues, adding that they'll need to "strip down and take a five-minute sauna with a group of locals." Five minutes is all? That's kind of ridiculous. Put another way, that's one seventeenth of the amount of time they were behind Sam and Dan when they left the Pit Stop. Even Gary and Matt are excited about the leniency of this Speed Bump. At least until they realize they actually have to find the Saunabuss, which is going to be a challenge given that they don't know what that is yet. Plus the Globetrotters have just arrived. But Pinky and the Brain get directions from some locals and head down the street.

Here's how Sam and Cheyne are doing on their medieval mystery: "That's the bathroom, dude," Sam tells Cheyne. They seem to have exhausted the options in the cellar, so they head upstairs, where they make the magical discovery that the rooms are all numbered. Why, this changes everything!

Ericka gets the front door open, and the Globetrotters are inside right behind them. Ericka will take this one, since she did so well last time she wandered a medieval building for a Road Block. Flight Time is on it for the Globetrotters. They find the basement banquet, which has settled down a bit, with a guy playing a lute instead of a sword duel. Ericka gets the candelabra with #82 on it, while Flight Time gets #78. They fan out in search of their "special room."

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