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Speaking of which, Gary and Matt, the greatest beneficiaries of this long delay, finally open their clue at 6:29 AM, more than four hours behind the Globetrotters but less than an hour and a half after Sam and Dan. So I guess that tells us how long Gary was at the unrolling.. After opening their clue with its reminder that there's a Speed Bump in their near future, they head for their car at a run. Gary says he's glad that Matt has seen his flaws and still accepts him as his father. Is that why they never hung out when Matt was growing up? If so, that's just sad.

The brothers reach the ferry terminal and find the door for the Tallinn ferry, called the "Tallink," a name of which I heartily approve. Once they spot the other teams inside the terminal, we get an interview clip of Big Easy judging the brothers for their behavior during the last leg. "We feel like we should be ahead of them once we get on the mat," he says. I'm going to assume that clip was heavily edited, because I can't see either of those guys claiming they deserve a higher rank because they get along with each other better than another team does. That would be some Mirna shit right there. Sam, by contrast, states his best-case scenario in which he and Dan win the leg and the Globetrotters are eliminated. Sure, keep hope alive, but I think Mika and Canaan blew the best chance of that happening before the final three.

Gary and Matt find the ticket windows and get their tickets. And then, presumably, an entire business day passes, and the teams cross a long, enclosed skyway to board a ferry the size of a small cruise ship. We also learn from Gary and Matt that it's a sixteen-hour trip, and Gary adds, "This ship may have saved our race life here." The ship's like, "Hey, I can only do so much." As much as the fact that a 236-mile trip takes sixteen hours might suggest that the passengers are expected to row, they're actually traveling in luxury, with cabins of their own that have fold-down beds and everything. Which I know I would appreciate after leaving that early to spend a day waiting around in the ferry terminal. In fact, if I ever have reason to travel to Estonia, I'm going by way of Stockholm just so I can sleep for the last sixteen hours of the trip. They all gather at the rail to wave farewell to Sweden like they're on The Love Boat or something. Out on the deck, Gary and Matt interview about the seriousness of their situation, which Matt is reflecting by wearing a black headband instead of the usual green. Whoa, heavy.

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