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It's much lighter outside by the time Meghan and Cheyne leave the Pit Stop, almost two hours after the Globetrotters, at 4:12 AM. They give us a better look at the ring of skeleton keys all teams are apparently issued at the Pit Stop, complete with an octagonal leather key fob marked "Mustpeade." I'm sure Mustpeade is quite the venerable landmark and all, but to me the name just sounds like a non-native English speaker trying to explain why he had to stop at a gas station. They get in their car, and Cheyne decides they'll flag someone down and Meghan can "work [her] magic." She interviews that the dynamic of the race is changing: "These teams that you've worked with in the past, you can't really work with them." Even though there are exactly as many teams as there were when they worked with Sam last week. Although of course, with the mingling out of the picture, we can't be sure she knows that. Cheyne cuts off a taxi and makes Meghan jump out to charm directions out of the driver, which seems not to much "magical" as "dangerous." The two are often mistaken for each other.

It's full daylight when Brian and Ericka leave, even though the subtitle says it's only 4:37 AM. I realize the higher latitude makes for shorter nights in the summer, but between this and Cambodia, I'm starting to suspect that the rest of the world are much bigger morning people than we are. Brian interviews that they're not worried about not having won a leg yet. "During Miss America, Ericka didn't win any preliminaries the whole time and she brought home the crown. The only leg that matters is that final leg." Remind me to look into how many winners of the Amazing Race never won a leg before the final one. We see him waving down a taxi that's passing him on the road and getting him to pull over, and he talks about he fun sport of "lassoing taxis." The producers make a note of adding that to the roster of tasks for next season.

Sam and Dan are departing at 5:04 AM, and Sam is more excited about going to Estonia than anyone has ever been who is not both from Estonia and also forgot all their shit there when they left. They look at the ten keys they've been given, and interview about their meltdown during the last leg. "We shouldn't waste our time fighting about stupid things and yelling at each other." So they seem to agree to return to Stockholm without too much conflict. Or maybe it's just because returning to Stockholm wasn't stupid enough.

Brian and Ericka are the next to reach the ferry terminal, and the first thing they see is an Amazing Mercedes with a pair of very large sneakers under the door, like it's a hotel room on wheels. Either one of the Globetrotters forgot about his shoes or they're just too stank to share the small space with their owner. The Americas peek in the car windows to see if the Globetrotters are sleeping inside, which is a little rude. Meghan and Cheyne arrive shortly thereafter, and the teams quickly spot each other. The Americas have apparently woken the Globetrotters, who tell them they'll all be on the same boat some time after five. Ericka's reaction is unsurprising:" Oh, hell no." Meghan and Cheyne aren't thrilled either. I bet they would feel a lot better about this if they'd known about it in the hay field yesterday.

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