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Phil invites them all up to the platform, and there's a marked lack of eye contact between the two teams as Phil tells Sam and Dan they're team number two, and the Globetrotters that they're team number three. Phil decides to do a little shit-stirring. "Big Easy has a look on his face like he wants to kick some butt right now," Phil observes. There's an awkward pause, and Phil presses, "So was there some elbow play going on?" Dan goes first, saying that Flight Time came up behind him and tried to push him and they both fell. Big Easy says, "We didn't know that the elbow and the physical stuff was in play. Now we know it is in play, so..." Dan maintains his innocence, saying he was running too hard to do what he's being accused of. Big Easy insists, "It is what it is. I'm six-ten, two-sixty, so we're gonna do what we gotta do." Yikes, that sounds like a threat. I don't know where I come down on this. As I said before, it's too hard to tell who was at fault, even with some close Zaprudering. And if a season of the race goes by without some team accusing another of conduct unbecoming, they're all doing it wrong. But as with the whole "bitch" controversy from last season, I think the side I'm least likely to be on is that of the person who makes it a bigger deal than it has to be. I mean, Flight Time is the one who was allegedly fouled, but we don't see him complaining. As for the brothers, Sam interviews, "If they have this big vengeance that they want to seek out because they think that we wronged them, what do they plan on doing? Like punching us, pushing us over?" Which is a fair point. Sure, physically they could do it, but nobody wants to be the first team kicked off the race for pushing, especially when previous pushers were allowed to continue. I mean, they were pushing their partners, but still. Big Easy says, "If this was the final leg, I think we would have had to run through the guys." And if it were a race for first place, which, to be fair, they probably had no way to be sure this wasn't. I'm just hoping things cool down a bit by the next leg, because I have no interest in inter-team vendettas unless I hate one of the teams involved.

Gary and Matt arrive at the parking lot and run down the path. "This is do or die," Gary says. Brian and Ericka shoot. Matt and Gary run. And Brian finally hits the target, sending cabbages cascading to the ground. They run across the cabbage patch to the get the clue together, Ericka tripping over her bog shoes on their way back. "We're not meant for the swamp," Brian says. Is he saying Ericka doesn't do bogs either, now? They read the clue and head off to the Pit Stop, which they can already see from where they are. When they arrive, Phil asks them, "You know if you're last or not?" Ericka says no, and Phil says, "I'm gonna put you out of your misery," and tells them they're team number four. Brian says they're focused and determined to get into the top three.

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